AOL buys SpeechWorks


AOL buys SpeechWorks America Online (AOL) has bought a major slice of SpeechWorks, a company focused on converting online content into speech for access by telephone. AOL has purchased five-million dollars of SpeechWorks stock, as well as rights to its software, marketing and professional services. SpeechWorks has licencing agreements with Sprint, BellSouth and Net2Phone.

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French Mac sales climb 37% in 2005


French Mac sales climb 37% in 2005 Apple has seen significant market share gains in France. Mac sales in the territory climbed an astonishing 37 per cent in 2005, claims French Mac website, MacGeneration. These sharply rising sales mean Apple now holds 2.6 per cent of the French computer market – up from 2.2 per cent in 2004. It also ...

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Q relaunches for ‘iPod generation’


Q relaunches for ‘iPod generation’ Q magazine is relaunching itself as a title that’s appropriate to the new generation of digital music fan. The new issue offers readers an introduction to MP3 players and downloading from the Internet. It’s a strategy designed to reverse the title’s falling circulation. Q Editor Paul Rees told The Guardian: “People swapped vinyl for CDs ...

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SCO plays legal waiting game


SCO plays legal waiting game Citing delays in the discovery process of its $5 billion lawsuit with IBM, SCO has asked a Utah court to move back the trial date in the case by five months, to mid-September 2005. The case has been “effectively stayed for four months,” SCO said in a motion filed Monday. The company placed blame for ...

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Facebook event speculation turns to phones, mobile, search


Facebook event speculation turns to phones, mobile, search With Facebook preparing for its mysterious press conference on Tuesday, speculation is surging that the announcement could be about anything from a new smartphone, a new mobile plan to a new search feature. Last week, Facebook invited members of the press to a news event at its Menlo Park, Calif., headquarters. “Come ...

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Car Bomb Threat Handled at Gearbox HQ Parking Lot


Car Bomb Threat Handled at Gearbox HQ Parking Lot The bomb squad was called in for a car bomb threat in the Gearbox HQ parking lot, and the president filled us in on all the details. A car bomb threat was dealt with by a bomb squad at the Gearbox HQ parking lot in Plano, Texas, late on Friday. Randy ...

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Final Fantasy VII Is Getting the Monopoly Treatment


Final Fantasy VII Is Getting the Monopoly Treatment Take Cloud Strife on a journey around Midgar in the new Final Fantasy VII Monopoly game due in 2017. Today Merchoid, an online video game merchandise specialist, announced that Final Fantasy VII has been given a Monopoly “make-over” and will be hitting the shelves in April 2017. The board game will feature ...

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Your own personal Genius


Your own personal Genius An Apple plan for extending the Genius Bar services for small businesses and ‘prosumers’ may be on the cards Electricpig is reporting a rumoured extension to Apple’s support services, including possible home or site visits from an Apple Genius, but more likely to consist of priority telephone and service options. “Apple Joint Venture will reportedly offer ...

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Photoshop on Intel XP iMac runs faster than PC


Photoshop on Intel XP iMac runs faster than PC Photoshop actually runs faster on Intel Macs running Windows XP than on PCs, a report claims. While Photoshop on Mac OS at present suffers from performance anxiety, as the software isn’t optimised to run on an Intel chip on a Mac system, the story isn’t the same when you run Windows ...

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