League of Legends: Sivir After Ver. 3.13 Patch | League of Legends

League of Legends: Sivir After Ver. 3.13 Patch | League of Legends

Sivir changes, complete with a new look. How long until Sivir get’s nerfed back down? Here is my breakdown of the changes and a few post patch tips.

For those that don’t know, League of Legends launched patch 3.13 today. There were a lot of big changes introduced, but I just want to focus on Sivir. Sivir was an average AD Carry or as they’re called now Marksmen. A skilled player could hold their own using this champion. However post update Sivir just dominates her lane.

The Changes:

The Visual:

First major change is Sivir’s visual update. I feel Sivir’s new base model look is superior to her optional skins. I will no longer be using skins on Sivir with this new visual update. The image in the header is her new look.

This is the only other Sivir image that I think even comes close to the new look and it’s not even a currently available skin.

The Skills:

The only skill not changed is Sivir’s Boomerang Blade. It still goes in a straight line and returns to Sivir wherever she moves to. Sivir however did lose attack speed gained per level. Previously she received 3.28 per level now it’s 1.6.


Ricochet now has a three charge system. Once used the next three basic attacks within the time limit will bounce through an unlimited number of enemies. Instead of bouncing to random targets it now moves from target to target based on the distance. However Ricochet will still only hit the same target once per basic attack. The damage dealt to secondary targets is now a percentage based on the skill level starting at 50% and ending at 70%.

Here is some more cool Sivir artwork.

I suggest using Ricochet while attacking the tower. Pop Ricochet as a minion wave gets near the tower and you can clear the entire wave in a full three-part Ricochet. If you do this you will never lose downtime on the tower as long as you initially approached with a full group of allied minions.

Spell Shield:

Spell shield really plays no different then it used to. Now the only difference is it costs no mana and gives less mana back. The current rate of mana return is now based on skill level starting at 60 and ending at 120. Other than that it works the as it always has.

On The Hunt:

There are two huge changes to Sivir’s ultimate ability. One change is a positive and the other is a negative. First the positive, there is no longer a cast time, On The Hunt is now instant. Now for the negative, On The Hunt no longer gives attack speed, it’s is purely a movement speed buff now. It’s great to pick that kill off when the enemy thinks they got away, but in team fights you’re gonna notice the loss.

Other than that there are a few minor adjustments as well. I guess the first isn’t really minor considering how it works. On The Hunt grants a passive while Ricochet is active increasing Sivir’s attack speed by 40/60/80%. Secondly the movement speed starts at 60% and drops to 20% after 4 seconds. The final change is an altered cooldown timer, it is now a 120/90/60 second cooldown instead of 100/90/80.

When Sivir’s on the hunt no one is safe!

How I think Sivir’s play will be effected:

A lot of people I saw playing Sivir before the patch would just hang back and use Boomerang Blade. Now unless there are only one or two targets, Ricochet is the more efficient attack method. In standard games once you push to the first enemy turret in your lane there should be no down time from attacking the turret.

While attacking the turret you can use Ricochet to clear the minion waves before they even get to you. This was impossible before 3.13 due to the restrictions the skill had on it including a target cap. Mana Shield will just be a use as needed thing now since it no longer costs mana to activate.

On the Hunt should be saved to pick up the Ace when the enemy is barely out of reach. You can also use it as a disengage  That’s pretty much it, I really think Sivir will get reworked again soon. She’s just too overpowered now that she can stay on the turrets and still get her minion farm in.

MW Expo: Macworld Best of show announced

MW Expo: Macworld Best of show announced

Macworld US has announced its Best of Show Awards for Macworld Conference and Expo San Francisco 2004.

Editor Online for MacCentral and Macworld.com JimDalrymple said: “Developers showed a level of imagination and integration with their products that has not been seen before. We’ve seen some impressive trends that will help all Mac users get more from their digital devices.”

To be eligible for Best of Show consideration, products were either making their public debut at Macworld Expo or were recently introduced and likely to generate excitement on the show floor. The editors also had to see the products in action, though some evaluations were based on beta versions or prototypes.

The Best of Show winners list and Macworld US’ commentary follow:

Apple GarageBand

Apple’s newest iLife application means anyone can make music with the help of more than 1,000 prerecorded loops, dozens of MIDI-controlled software instruments, and the capability to record live instruments.


CRYPTO-Server X is the first authentication solution designed for Mac OS X Panther users. All user names and passwords are stored on the token and CRYPTO-Server X generates a one-time password for each log-on attempt, making stolen credentials useless to hackers.

Elgato Systems EyeTV 200/EyeHome

Elgato’s EyeTV 200 improves on its previous model by providing realtime MPEG-2 capturing of standard cable television and video from other analog sources (such as VHS). The EyeHome hooks up toyour Ethernet network and brings music, photos, and movies from he Mac to a TV, with one-click setup and a handy remote control.

Freeverse Bumper Car

BumperCar is a fun and easy to use Web browser developed for children. It’s based on Apple’s Webcore technology – as used in Safari and OmniWeb. It offers a colourful, playful interface so kids can surf the Web without seeing inappropriate content.

Freeverse Toy Sight

Now iSight and FireWire-based Webcam users can become part of the game with ToySight. ToySight works with a FireWire-based video camera or Webcam, including Apple’s iSight, and puts players directly in the game as they use their on-screen image to interact with objects and control surfaces in the game.

Kaidan PiXiMation

PiXiMation creates QTVR using advanced techniques to generate properly spaced and indexed image frames even if you’re spinning an object by hand. In the past, special motorized turntables were required to achieve the same effect. PiXiMation accepts video from a variety of sources including.

LaCie Bigger Disk

The LaCie Bigger Disk offers 1 terabyte of storage space in a 5.25-inch form factor and can be connected to any computer equipped with FireWire 800, FireWire 400, iLink/DV, Hi-Speed USB 2.0 or USB1.1. The Big Disk allows users to store nearly two years of continuous music and up to one month of non-stop MPEG-2 video.

Slim Devices Squeezebox

The sequel to the SliMP3 music server offers wired or wireless streaming of most audio formats or MP3 Internet radio from a Mac to the home stereo. It offers both analog and digital outputs, and multiple players can be installed around the house for individual or synchronized play.

Camdynamics lens&light optimizer

This lens&light optimizer offers users a way to correct image imperfections. After loading an image you choose the camera manufacturer, the lens used, focal length, aperture, and other options and then set the lightness and distortion correctness for the final image.

Roxio Toast with Jam

The high-level audio features of this product now boast an improved user interface, better crossfading options, and burning integrated into Jam itself (rather than sending files to Toast). It also includes 2-channel Dolby Digital software for encoding and decoding, along with Bias Peak Express audio editing software.

Rogue Amoeba NiceCast

NiceCast provides simple broadcast and streaming of any audio in OS X. You can use it to set up an Internet radio station, or simply stream an iTunes library over the Internet so you can listen to your music from anywhere in the world. It also offers several audio effects, and supports both VST and AudioUnit plug-ins.

Software Mackiev Kid Pix Deluxe 3 for OS X.

Software Mackiev has more than just created an OS X version of kid’s creativity software KidPix; the company has rebuilt it from the ground up. The new version offers smoother graphics, updated animations, a better interface, and seamless integration with Apple’s iLife programs. Kids can quickly import photos and songs, add drawings, animations, or text, and then export finished animation sequences to an iMovie project.

WiebeTech G5 Jam

Squarely aimed at Power Mac G5 owners, the G5Jam allows users to increase their Macs internal storage to four drives and even RAID that set-up with Mac OS X’s Soft RAID utility. The resulting performance exceeds 200MB per second.

You Software You Control 1.0

This menu utility makes it easy to reach buried files quickly, but it’s far more than an alias maker. From anywhere on your Mac, the eleven menu modules let you control iTunes (from viewing track information to pausing a song), customize contact and calendar information, beef up OS X’s Menu Bar Clock, access recent programs and files from any menu, track stocks and keep up on news headlines. The pasteboard module let’s you copy multiple items that don’t write over each other and paste them as RTF or unformatted text. You can place You Control menus in the main Menu Bar or a corner of your screen. You can also call up menus with hot keys.

Apple Patent That Could Mess With Data Profilers a Good Sign

Apple Patent That Could Mess With Data Profilers a Good Sign

Apple’s patent for techniques that would make data profiling more difficult foreshadows a possible future in which at least one big business sides with consumers and fights against the increasingly bothersome and widespread practice.

It’s a beautiful thought for Internet, computer and mobile users worried about the troublesome profiling of consumer data that’s so rampant.

Cult of Mac’s Mike Elgan spotted the patent called “Techniques to pollute electronic profiling,” which would presumably allow for systematic lying to data-harvesting servers.

“So let’s say you’re in California, and you use your Mac to visit Amazon and use your VISA card to buy the book Animal Farm by George Orwell,” Elgan wrote. “Apple’s patent implies that these data harvesters would be lied to — for example, told that you’re in Kansas on a Linux PC using your AMEX (with a fake number) to buy the book ‘Cooking with Pooh.'”

He points out the disturbing fact that the future is one in which it could be impossible to keep your personal data from being harvested.

In February, Charles Duhigg wrote a fascinating article for The New York Times titled “How Companies Learn Your Secrets” that singled out Target and its ability to determine if a woman is most likely pregnant.

It’s able to do this because for decades the company has been keeping tabs on what customers buy and then adds to customer profiles demographic information such as age, marital status, number of children, what neighborhoods they live in, their estimated salaries, what credit cards they use and what web sites they frequent.

Of course, this kind of customer profiling is done all the time by almost every major retailer, as well as online companies such as Facebook and Google that profit by serving you targeted ads based on the personal data or Internet usage data they have on you.

Strictly speaking, targeted ads can be useful; if you’ve got to put up with it, it might as well be for something you might actually buy.

But customer and user profiling by big business can get creepy.

If you’ve ever looked yourself up on Spokeo you may know how troublesome it can be to see things like your name, address, family members, age, wealth level, occupation, astrological sign, house value, hobbies, interests and ethnicity made public for the world to see.

The Federal Trade Commission recently announced it fined the company $800,000 for selling information about people to employers without making sure the data was accurate as well as for not notifying people if an employer decided not to hire them based on what it learned from Spokeo.

Spokeo told Forbes it will no longer sell information for the purpose of screening candidates for employment, but one has to wonder how many people’s careers have been affected because of Spokeo’s profiles.

For Apple’s part, it is one company that manages to largely keep itself out of the privacy skirmishes that seem to increasingly flare up between consumers, big business and the government. This patent it’s involved with could be good news for consumers.

Mac users more charitable, probably better people than Windows users

Mac users more charitable, probably better people than Windows users

Mac users give 25 percent more to charity, on average, than Windows users. That’s among the findings/claims of a calculatedly provocative report released by Qgiv, a provider of online donation services.

The research looked at charitable donations among a pool of 165,000 participants from November 2011 to November 2012, then weighed the data against each participant’s technology preferences. It reports, for instance, that the average donation by a Mac user was $182 (about £110), whereas the average donation from a Windows user was only $137, about three quarters as much.

(Other observations included Safari users being more charitable than users of the Google Chrome browser (in second place), Firefox (third) and Internet Explorer, bringing up the rear; and that those with a Yahoo email address were 27 percent less deep-pocketed than those with their own email domain or a corporate email structure.)

This is all great fun if you write news stories for an Apple-focused website, of course. But the implications here – that we should take some kind of message out of this, that the sorts of people who buy Apple products are just fundamentally more generous-spirited than those uptight, stuffed-shirt PC lot – are pretty poisonous.

Apple moneyApple money

Okay, among users of Qgiv’s services the Mac users gave more per donation, on average. (It’s only looking at actual donators, of course, so it might be the case that one group has a higher incidence of charitable giving, but gives less per donation; that wouldn’t show up here.) But you’d probably find something similar if you did a comparison between charitable donations and people’s salaries.

Apple products are premium offerings at the top end of the price scale, and Apple fans tend to be richer. Of course they give larger donations. They’ve got more money to spare. I imagine it would cause some irritation if someone released a press release announcing that merchant bankers give more to charity than A&E nurses.

Still, it’s all good for getting a rise, isn’t it? If I was employed sending out press releases (I’m not, for which mercy journalists around the world should be profoundly grateful) I think most of mine would generate ‘buzz’ by insulting users of a particular technology platform. I’d do tiny surveys and report that Android users can’t drive, or that Ubuntu fans shower less than 5 times a week, then plug my client’s product: driving courses, or shower gel. Someone should offer me a job.

This sort of thing gets right under people’s skins in a way that is extraordinary. (Admittedly it’s rather got under mine. But I would argue that I’m angry about the cavalier use of statistics rather than a slight against a particular set of tech fans.) Believe it or now, we aren’t at war; we’re not even on different teams. As the editor of iPad & iPhone User magazine, obviously I tend toward Apple products, but as well as my iPhone and various iPads I regularly use an antiquated Vista laptop and an Android phone.

Apple? Google? Microsoft? Who cares? Just use what’s right for you right now.

Read some more details about this report here, and follow David Price on Twitter here.

Amazon.fr Lists Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Release Date as October 16th | Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

Amazon.fr Lists Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Release Date as October 16th | Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

Let’s play the Guessing Game until Square Enix makes an official announcement!

It looks like Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster may be seeing a release a bit before this holiday season, if Amazon.fr is correct. The site has the PlayStation 3 version of the game listed for an October 16th release at a €39.99 MSRP.

To further fuel the flames of hope, UK-based retailer Zavvi has the game listed for an October 18th release. The MSRP on this listing sits at £49.99.

If you’re a North American Final Fantasy fan looking to get your hands on Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, don’t start flipping tables looking for answers. Considering how close the United Kingdom and European releases are, it would not be too far-fetched to guess that the game will be seeing its North American retail release on that very same week, likely October 15th (Tuesday).

Square Enix is supposed to officially announce the game’s release date sometime during Gamescom, which will be ending this Sunday. We will likely also be hearing about the mysterious PlayStation Vita version of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, which will likely be released via the PlayStation Network on the same day as its PS3 counterpart.


AOL touts Euro iTunes deal

AOL touts Euro iTunes deal

As Apple launches its iTunes Music Store in parts of Europe, AOL has announced the extension of its alliance with iTunes into the territory.

AOL first linked up with Apple last December with the launch of iTunes 4.2 which made it possible for US AOL users to purchase iTunes tracks directly through the AOL browser.

The AOL subscriber-service will now also integrate with the iTunes Music Store in the UK, France and Germany, enabling AOL’s members in those countries to also access the iTunes Store though AOL’s Music channels.

AOL members in the three countries are able to directly access the iTunes Music Store from within AOL Music.

AOL Europe president Philip Rowley said: “AOL is committed to providing our members the best and most comprehensive music services and exclusive content. With the integration of iTunes, they will have one-click access to the pioneering iTunes Music Store.”

Apple’s vice president of applications marketing Rob Schoeben said: “As we roll out the iTunes Music Store in the UK, France and Germany, we are also pleased to be expanding our relationship with AOL. By joining forces, we are making it easy for AOL Members to preview and buy music from the iTunes Music Store as a natural extension of their AOL Music experience.”

To celebrate the launch in Europe AOL is offering members a chance to win one of 29 iPod minis or a 40GB iPod and a certificate that will entitle them to 1,000 free songs.

AOL UK recently agreed a licence with UK artist royalty agencies the MCPS-PRS Alliance. This allows AOL UK to provide a “comprehensive online music content service,” AOL said. The agreement grants AOL access to “around ten million” songs and clears the requisite composer and publisher rights required to offer music online.


iPod User

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The magazine for iPod Users


What to do if your iPhone won’t verify an iOS Software Update

What to do if your iPhone won’t verify an iOS Software Update

What do you do if when you try and install an iOS Software update you get a message that your device has been unable to verify the update?

We encountered this very problem when this morning we attempted to install the latest iOS update.

Actually, we were an update behind – we still hadn’t installed iOS 6.1.3 and the new update was for iOS 6.1.4.

However, when we attempted to install iOS 6.1.3 we got a message saying that it had “Failed verification because you are no longer connected to the internet.”

We knew that we were on the internet, we had a full display of Wi-Fi and had just that minute downloaded some emails.

However Software Update was convinced that the internet connection wasn’t there, so we took the internet to see what others in the same situation had done.

We quickly found this post on the Apple Forums that outlined a similar issue.

The advice there was to “Double click the home button. Then hold down an icon on the bottom row until the red “close” tags appear. Then close everything by tapping each icon. Then power down the phone, and power back up. Immediately go to settings, software update.”

?We followed the steps above and this time when our phone tried to complete the install we didn’t get a message saying we weren’t on the internet, however, as it was already downloaded there was no indication that anything was actually installing.

Of course when we went to Software Update again we knew all was well because there was the iOS 6.1.4 update waiting for us. And that installed without issue.

For all its ease of use, sometimes iOS can be a bit puzzling.


‘Dramatic changes’ in iOS 7 risk putting Apple behind schedule, report says

iOS 6.1.4 tweaks the iPhone 5’s speakerphone


The Guild Is No More; A Sad Yet Peaceful Announcement by Felicia Day

The Guild Is No More; A Sad Yet Peaceful Announcement by Felicia Day


The Guild web series has come to an end

The Guild is officially finished as a web series. Felicia Day, star and creator of The Guild, has confirmed that it is done.

What is The Guild?

The Guild was a hugely popular web series based around the World of Warcraft community. The show explained how a guild within a game can come together and be more than just a guild. Over the years the series has made a name for itself among gamers and non gamers alike by sharing the crazy cross between life and gaming. On top of their success as a webseries The Guild has created a few original music videos, and was even fetured in Rockband with Do You Want to Date my Avatar.

A Sad Day

When I saw the announcement, I was a bit sad to see The Guild ending. As a web series The Guild was a trend setter, and it spread the web series idea out there for a lot of people.

Something new for the future?

Felicia has said that after Comic Con has ended she will be progressing towards her new endeavors. Whether she already has plans for what she might be going for, or if she will be searching for some plan is yet to be revealed. One can only hope whatever Felicia comes up with is as good as The Guild was.

Kid Icarus Shorts Coming To Japan's My Nintendo

Kid Icarus Shorts Coming To Japan’s My Nintendo

Kid Icarus anime shorts added to Japan’s My Nintendo rewards.

In order to promote Kid Icarus: Uprising — the first new entry for the Kid Icarus series in 21 years — Nintendo has decided to release anime shorts through the Nintendo Video App on the 3DS.

Nintendo contacted three studios (Studio °4c, Shaft and Production I.G.) to create these shorts, with great success. Each short has its own unique storyline and art style that highlights aspects of gameplay, plot, and characters. 

Once these shorts disappeared from the app, there was no way to watch them in a higher quality outside the blurry videos on YouTube. However, Nintendo just announced that these shorts will be available only in Japan as a rewards on Japan’s My Nintendo. 

The shorts will be 80 platinum coins each, and include: Medusa’s Revenge (Studio °4c), Palutena’s Revolting Dinner parts 1 and 2 (Shaft) and Thanatos Rising parts 1, 2 and 3 (Production I.G.).

There is no word on if these rewards will be coming to other countries outside of Japan. 

(Image Courtesy of Perfectly Nintendo)

Odallus: The Dark Call aims for the Wii U | Odallus: The Dark Call

Odallus: The Dark Call aims for the Wii U | Odallus: The Dark Call


NES and SNES style games, like Odallus: The Dark Call, try for the Wii U stage.

NES(Nintendo Entertainment System) and SNES(Super Nintendo Entertainment System) style games take most gamers back to the days of old. These style games are making a comeback through arcade and emulator systems. Some gaming companies are even making a push to have them put up on the Wii U. One such company, JoyMasher, is raising funds to do just that with Odallus: The Dark Call.

Through the fundraising site Indiegogo.com, JoyMasher is raising funds to bring Odallus: The Dark Call, their action rpg platform, to the Wii U. They have a goal set of $5,000 and so far, they have garnered $3,506 (as of the time of this post) of that goal. The fundraiser has 39 days left, so it is likely that since they are halfway to their goal, that they will make it. It is a flexible funded campaign which means they will get all their pledges regardless of reaching their goal.

JoyMasher claims that they will put all pledges towards Odallus and its development. They estimate a release date of the middle of 2014. If you are interested in this campaign and the game Odallus: The Dark Call, you can find it on Indiegogo.com.