Opera browser expands

Opera browser expands

Opera Software has updated its Web browser for all platforms with the release of Opera 7.5.

The company claims Opera 7.5 provides an improved user interface and added functionality.

The update marks a move towards offering a more full-featured browser. It now features email, usenet news and RSS newsfeed support, an Internet Relay Chat (IRC)-compatible instant messaging client, faster rendering interface, support for bidirectional text, and Unicode keyboard layout support.

Opera CEO Jon von Tetzchner said: “Most Internet users are browsing slowly and conducting other Internet activities with applications that should have been retired years ago. Internet Explorer is an aged application that Microsoft has not given a major update in years, and according to press reports they are not planning to upgrade it in the near future. At the same time, most people’s email applications still function like it’s 1994.”

Opera is available as a free download from the company’s Web site. It is a 3.5MB download. It can be used free-of-charge with a sponsored advertising banner, or advertising banner-free for a $29 (£16) registration fee.

Starbreeze Studios: Acquires Payday IP and drops microtransactions. | Payday 2

Starbreeze Studios: Acquires Payday IP and drops microtransactions. | Payday 2

Lots of Payday news came out today.

Well, a lot of news came out from Starbreeze Studios today. In honor of it’s 100th update, the company announced that it had acquired the full right to the Payday IP from Publisher 505 games for 10.9 million B-shares. The release also says that “505 Games will retain a 33% revenue share of Starbreeze’s net revenues from future sales of Payday 3 capped at 40 million USD, after Starbreeze has fully recouped its development and marketing costs.”

In the announcement, Starbreeze mentioned that Payday 3 will be released sometime in the future. Destructoid was able to confirm with Overkill Softwares’ Almir Listo, with Listo saying, “we’re confirming it’s existence, but that’s it – no more.” He did say that the studio will “continue to develop stuff for Payday 2 for another 18 months” on Overkill’s Steam page.

Also confirmed on that post is that the black market will be free for everyone going forward. Essentially, the much controversial microtransactions that were implemented last year will be no more.

Payday 2 was released on August 13th, 2013, for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. A next gen port for PS4 and Xbox One scheduled for June 16th, 2015.


PS4 Sold 152K Units, Xbox One Sold 139K Units In May 2015, XOne’s Momentum Wiped Out Thanks To The Witcher 3

PS4 Sold 152K Units, Xbox One Sold 139K Units In May 2015, XOne’s Momentum Wiped Out Thanks To The Witcher 3

Sony has announced PlayStation 4 has outsold Xbox One in May 2015 according to United States NPD Group sales charts. “PS4 continues to be the cumulative sales leader in the US and globally with more than 20 million consoles already in the market”, has said a spokesman to Games Beat.

Xbox One vs PS4

The spokesman added this, awaiting for official NPD Group charts to release later this afternoon:

“As we head into E3, we would like to thank gamers for making PS4 the top-selling console and the leader in software sales in the U.S. in May. We are truly humbled by this success and we look forward to sharing what’s next for PS4 at our E3 press conference on June 15.”

After winning January, February, and March, the PS4 fell to the Xbox One for the first time this year in April. Now, it seems, Sony current-gen console has got back to the top.

The exact sales figure for PS4, Xbox One and Wii U for the month of May 2015 are listed below.

PS4: 152K
Xbox One: 139K
Wii U: 42.5K

Whatever momentum Xbox One gained last month was wiped out completely.


Disgaea 5 PS4 announcement made at TGS 2014

Disgaea 5 PS4 announcement made at TGS 2014

Another reason to celebrate for JRPGs fans, Disgaea 5 has been announced for PlayStation 4 at the Tokyo Game Show 2014 in Japan. Disgaea 5 has been in development from 2012. It was believed that this game will be limited to PS3 and PS Vita platforms.

But the Disgaea 5 PS4 announcement has brought joy to many. NIS the developers of Disgaea has also mentioned that Disgaea 5 will be launched for PS3 and PS Vita.


Since the launch of Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten, which released in 2011, no Disgaea game has been launched. Disgaea 4 was remade for PlayStation Vita as Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited.

Currently nothing more than the announcement on PS4 of Disgaea 5 is known about the game, be rest assured. Gamepur will keep you updated about all the news for Disgaea 5.

Disgaea 5 will launch at somepoint in 2015.

Disgaea 4

For those who are unaware: “The Disgaea series debuted in Japan on January 30, 2003, with Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, later re-released as Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness and Disgaea DS. One of Nippon Ichi’s most popular franchises, it has branched off into both a manga and anime series. The Disgaea series has sold 1.7 million games as of November 2011”

Mortal Kombat X Still Encountering Lag And Bugs On PC Even After 15GB Patch, User Lists Them All

Mortal Kombat X Still Encountering Lag And Bugs On PC Even After 15GB Patch, User Lists Them All

Users on Reddit are still claiming bugs and common issues on Mortal Kombat X for PC, even after NetherRealm Studios worked on and launched a 15GB patch. The game is out from two weeks and it is showing problems like memory leaks and lag that makes the online modes unplayable.

Mortal Kombat X

Redditor Mystic87 has made a summary of all the common issues encountered so far on Mortal Kombat X for PC, listing them all and noting that some other user could be facing issues not
included in it.

  • Fighters transitions gone after fixes (those transitions after select character, variation and stage. Fighters face off talking things and gestures before loading start. Those animations are great and add personality. Is important and they are already there. Users want it in the game please).
  • Crashes caused by a critical memory leak this game has.
  • PC players stats are bugged like wins/losses, etc. Because of this bug is very hard to get revenant Liu Kang and Kung Lao skins.
  • High online input lag. Netcode and matchmaking need some improvement.
  • Ping bars not showing to many people for connection check. Grey ping bars or neverending loading.
  • PC main menu isn’t updated like console (store picture, living tower picture never change).
  • After last patch, some players lost their progress. Save game erased.
  • We need an option to choose UI/subtitles language in the game.
  • Krypt Spider Swich Lever Passage lever bug. After first visit if you don’t open the door, and exit to the menu, some or all lever will be inactive when you reenter the krypt and you can’t pass the door anymore.
  • Some gold chests impossible to open in the krypt (the ones that appear for a brief moment of time).
  • After losing a match on the Test Your Might tower, and opting to select a new character, the game will lock, not allowing your cursor to move.
  • After buttons remapping the movelist not change to reflect the new buttons.
  • Gold Scorpion/Cold war skin not showing up even though the code’s already been redeemed.
  • Button combo 1+2 (for stage interactions) no longer works after 15gb patch on arcade stick.
  • Every now and then a character loses the animation sequence for their fatalities. The fatality works and is awarded, but the “dead” character just stands wobbling. The only way to fix this is to restart the game and then that character’s fatality works again.
  • Kombat Kard – Icon: Noxious IV + 0 per Match Win (as Reptile)
  • Lower overall graphics quality after last 15 gb patch (optimizations was quality nerf).
  • For some weird reason the resolution option 1980×1920 @60hz is missing. Instead of that I get two times the option 1920×1080 @59hz.
  • In the end of Mileena’s tasty treat Fatality, her mask appears on her face again on its own. (can be seen especially when using kahnum skin and probably the vampiress as well).
  • Game does not remember/save DSR resolution settings after being restarted.
  • Optimizations needed. Many users are reporting very poor performance with not so bad game rigs and even with low settings.
  • Mime Johnny Cage is impossible to unlock in mobile MKX. Also PC to Mobile unlock is bugged.
  • Characters

Someone even asked for refunds. This is a gamer’s report on Reddit:

“I asked for a refund…. was denied. This was 24 hours after launch and I couldn’t play the game.”

A guy responded: “This is why I only use Steam for deals and not new purchases.”

Is this your opinion, too? Share it in the comments section below and let us know, if you bought Mortal Kombat X on PC, whether you are encountering these same issues or not.

Killzone: Mercenary Dev Video says "Stunning FPS Alchemy from Guerrilla"

Killzone: Mercenary Dev Video says “Stunning FPS Alchemy from Guerrilla”

Here is a launch trailer for Killzone: Mercenary which arrives on PS VITA this week. The description of the trailer reads, Killzone: Mercenary as Stunning FPS alchemy from Guerrilla Cambridge, Watch it now.

Adobe Premiere 6.0 ships

Adobe Premiere 6.0 ships

Adobe has launched Premiere 6.0, a free update to InDesign 1.5, and announced an alliance with Internet services firm Organic.

Premiere 6.0, the latest version of Adobe’s digital-video editing software, costs £409.

It provides support for FireWire on the Mac OS. Captured DV (digital video) clips can be crafted into video productions with Premiere 6.0, and then output to streaming formats on the Web.

New tools in Premiere 6.0 include a professional-level audio mixer, Interface refinements, new palettes and customization options. Premiere 6.0 also integrates with other Adobe products such as Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and GoLive.

The upgrade to InDesign – version 1.5.2 – is a free 4.6MB download for InDesign 1.5 customers. The software will also be supplied on CD for $20 plus shipping.

InDesign is a page layout and design application aimed at the same market as the desktop-publishing application QuarkXpress.

The upgrade includes support for non-PostScript printers. There are also PostScript printing enhancements that provide better compatibility with PostScript RIPs (raster information processors).

Other improvements include a revised Links palette, and a hyphenation fix.

The upgrade can be downloaded from Adobe. InDesign costs £375.

Adobe has also formed an alliance with Internet-services firm Organic to deliver Web solutions to Organic’s clients.

The company’s Internet services include consultation, research, site-design, software engineering and technical-program management and online-marketing services.

The alliance enables Organic to test and use Adobe’s Web products for client projects, including research and Intranet development plans.

Bryan Lamkin, senior vice-president of product marketing for Adobe, said: “Organic and Adobe have both become leaders in their field. The combination of Adobe’s integrated Web product line and Organic’s leading services will result in the best possible user experiences on the Web.”

Paradox Interactive Announces Line-up for E3 2010

Paradox Interactive Announces Line-up for E3 2010

Paradox Interactive today announced its line-up for this year’s E3 Expo in Los Angeles. Featuring playable demos of their latest builds, Paradox Interactive is now booking appointments for Lionheart: Kings’ Crusade, Ship Simulator Extremes, Victoria 2 and Commander: Conquest of the Americas.

Lionheart: Kings Crusade

Battle to re-conquer or defend the Holy Land with the upcoming Neocore Games release of Lionheart: Kings’ Crusade. Reliving the era of the Third Crusade, this real-time strategy game is scheduled for release early in fall of 2010.

Victoria 2

Guide your nation from the era of absolute monarchies in the early 19th century, through expansion and colonization, to finally become a truly great power by the dawn of the 20th century. Created by the developers of Europa Universalis and Hearts of Iron, Victoria 2 is a grand strategy game set during the colonial era of the 19th century and is scheduled for release in Q3.

Commander: Conquest of the Americas

Combining elements from both trading and strategy games, Commander: Conquest of the Americas requires players to take charge of a European power aiming to conquer the New World. Found new colonies and build them into an empire. Developed by Nitro Games, Commander: Conquest of the Americas will be available in Q3.

Ship Simulator Extremes

Take on illegal whale hunters in the Antarctic or feel the rush as you evacuate an island threatened by disaster. Made by renowned simulator developer VSTEP, Ship Simulator Extremes offers exciting missions all over the world as you pilot an impressive array of vessels, and live the story of real ship captains. This all too realistic simulator is scheduled for release in Q3.

Apple buys SchemaSoft

Apple buys SchemaSoft

Apple has bought SchemaSoft, a developer of software components for facilitating digital information workflow.

SchemaSoft’s tools can extract data found in a variety of formats including those used by Microsoft Office documents, Quark and Adobe Portable Document Format. The tools can also output into those formats as well as into HTML and XML.

Cnet notes that Apple is already a customer of SchemaSoft, as are Microsoft, Adobe and Corel.

Apple told Cnet that it plans to use SchemaSoft’s technology in future products.

SchemaSoft will remain in Vancouver, Canada.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Competes with World of Warcraft

Star Wars: The Old Republic Competes with World of Warcraft


Will SWTOR get the population that WoW was able to attract?

Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) has come out with many new changes since moving to free to play. SWTOR members talk about how many similarities there are to World of Warcraft (WoW).  However, Bioware has made some significant changes to its approach.

Just like WoW, SWTOR allows players to change just about everything about their character.  Changes include everything from sex and name of your character, to the actual hair and eye color, after the character has been created.  Both WOW and SWTOR charged real, hard-earned cash to make these changes on a person’s in game character.  SWTOR gives “Cartel Coins” with a monthly subscription, and also grants them for in-game achievements.  Of course, don’t underestimate the mighty dollar, as Bioware also allows you the opportunity to buy as many Cartel Coins as you want, to try and give players complete customization and control of their characters.

It is not secret that WoW has lost many of its players recently.  It is probably safe to assume that some or many of them went to other MMORPGs, like SWTOR.  I wonder though if the money hungry grab at F2P players, attempting to get them to subscribe, will keep players coming back for more.  According to swtor.com, game update 2.1 brought with it a new race and many new customizable options for players to tinker around with.  Time will tell if these new updates will be significant enough to tip the scales, as WoW did so many years ago.