Opera browser expands


Opera browser expands Opera Software has updated its Web browser for all platforms with the release of Opera 7.5. The company claims Opera 7.5 provides an improved user interface and added functionality. The update marks a move towards offering a more full-featured browser. It now features email, usenet news and RSS newsfeed support, an Internet Relay Chat (IRC)-compatible instant messaging ...

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Disgaea 5 PS4 announcement made at TGS 2014


Disgaea 5 PS4 announcement made at TGS 2014 Another reason to celebrate for JRPGs fans, Disgaea 5 has been announced for PlayStation 4 at the Tokyo Game Show 2014 in Japan. Disgaea 5 has been in development from 2012. It was believed that this game will be limited to PS3 and PS Vita platforms. But the Disgaea 5 PS4 announcement ...

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Adobe Premiere 6.0 ships


Adobe Premiere 6.0 ships Adobe has launched Premiere 6.0, a free update to InDesign 1.5, and announced an alliance with Internet services firm Organic. Premiere 6.0, the latest version of Adobe’s digital-video editing software, costs £409. It provides support for FireWire on the Mac OS. Captured DV (digital video) clips can be crafted into video productions with Premiere 6.0, and ...

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Paradox Interactive Announces Line-up for E3 2010


Paradox Interactive Announces Line-up for E3 2010 Paradox Interactive today announced its line-up for this year’s E3 Expo in Los Angeles. Featuring playable demos of their latest builds, Paradox Interactive is now booking appointments for Lionheart: Kings’ Crusade, Ship Simulator Extremes, Victoria 2 and Commander: Conquest of the Americas. Lionheart: Kings Crusade Battle to re-conquer or defend the Holy Land ...

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Apple buys SchemaSoft


Apple buys SchemaSoft Apple has bought SchemaSoft, a developer of software components for facilitating digital information workflow. SchemaSoft’s tools can extract data found in a variety of formats including those used by Microsoft Office documents, Quark and Adobe Portable Document Format. The tools can also output into those formats as well as into HTML and XML. Cnet notes that Apple ...

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Star Wars: The Old Republic Competes with World of Warcraft


Star Wars: The Old Republic Competes with World of Warcraft 0   Will SWTOR get the population that WoW was able to attract? Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) has come out with many new changes since moving to free to play. SWTOR members talk about how many similarities there are to World of Warcraft (WoW).  However, Bioware has made some ...

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