Facebook satisfied with initial takeup of social music


Facebook satisfied with initial takeup of social music Facebook is declaring early success for the new functionality on its site that lets members notify their friends what songs they’re listening to online and makes it possible for notification recipients to play back those songs from within the Facebook interface. Six weeks after Facebook launched this feature at its F8 developer ...

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Cannes Web-site a first


Cannes Web-site a first The Cannes Film Festival (10-21 May, 2000) is to stream its trailers and news with a combination of Akamai’s servers, Apple’s QuickTime technology and Apple’s QuickTime media partner, Canal Plus. The move confirms the trend predicted in April by Adobe chairman and CEO John Warnock, who, at the National Association of Broadcasters show, stressed the Internet’s ...

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Bitcoin Billionaire Out Now For Android | Bitcoin Billionaire


Bitcoin Billionaire Out Now For Android | Bitcoin Billionaire 0   Bitcoin Billionaire now available for Android users. Time to become filthy rich in bitcoins. Noodlecake Studios has become quite the power house when it comes to creating mobile games. With games such as Gravity Duck, Wayward Souls, and the Super Stick Man Golf series, they have shown they know how to ...

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FileMaker Pro a wireless wonder


FileMaker Pro a wireless wonder Viventus has announced a Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) solution for FileMaker Pro. The software allows users to access, enter and update information on desktop-based FileMaker Pro databases from WAP-enabled mobile phones. The package costs £320 and is available directly from Viventus. Norway-based Viventus is a FileMaker solutions alliance partner. WAP is an open, global protocol ...

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Manchester hospital loses patients’ personal data


Manchester hospital loses patients’ personal data The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has found the University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust in breach of the Data Protection Act (DPA) after losing an unencrypted USB key containing patients’ personal data. Sensitive personal information relating to the treatment of 87 patients at the hospital was lost after a medical student copied ...

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Creative intros iTunes-friendly Zen


Creative intros iTunes-friendly Zen Creative has introduced its new and slightly iTunes-friendly Zen MP3 player. The new Zen is Creative’s first MP3 player to support music in the Apple-championed AAC audio format. It’s a small system (55 x 83 x 12mm) and is equipped with a 2.5-inch colour screen. Zen is available in a range of capacities: 4GB, 6GB, and ...

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OFT ‘considering’ iTunes ‘rip-off’ claims


OFT ‘considering’ iTunes ‘rip-off’ claims UK regulator the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has not initiated an investigation into Apple’s iTunes UK pricing. The Consumer’s Association (CA) yesterday filed a complaint with the OFT, alleging that Apple is “ripping-off” UK music buyers. An OFT spokesperson this morning told Macworld UK: “We have received that letter (from the CA). We are ...

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SheepShaver runs Classic apps on Intel Macs?


SheepShaver runs Classic apps on Intel Macs? Experimental Open Source software that tries to run Mac OS 9 applications on Intel Macs is available now. SheepShaver lets users run classic applications on their Macs, but does require users have a copy of OS X and a Power Mac ROM image – in other words, at this stage the software is ...

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RealBasic magazine set for launch


RealBasic magazine set for launch Real Software, manufacturer of Mac development software-environment RealBasic, plans to launch a magazine for its developer community this summer. RealBasic Developer Magazine will be published bi-monthly in printed or PDF format. Consisting of over 50 pages of articles for novice and advanced RealBasic users, the title will also feature tips and tutorials. The magazine will ...

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Doom 2016: All Easter Eggs and How to Trigger them


Doom 2016: All Easter Eggs and How to Trigger them Doom just came out today and we have been dutifully playing through it. And since everyone loves Easter eggs, we might as well tell you what we have found so far, in no particular order. We are going to divide these up into tributes to Bethesda Games and non-Bethesda references. ...

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