Minecraft beta 1.8 launch date announced

Minecraft beta 1.8 launch date announced

Jens has revealed that Mojang is planning to launch the much awaited Minecraft beta 1.8 on September 8.

Minecraft logo

Recently it was confirmed by Mojang that planned Minecraft beta 1.8 was getting too big, and hence they spilt it into two 1.8 and 1.9. Jens has confirmed that 1.8 will be very much similar to the “PAX version of Minecraft” with some minor tweaks.

I can’t wait for Minectaft beta 1.8, bring it on Notch..

Grand Theft Auto SanAndreas and other PS2 games are coming to PS4

Grand Theft Auto SanAndreas and other PS2 games are coming to PS4

Grand Theft Auto SanAndreas and 7 other PS2 titles are coming tO PS4

Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, has announced 8 PlayStation 2 titles coming to PlayStation 4. The games announced are: 

  • Dark Cloud
  • Grand Theft Auto III
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
  • Grand Theft Auto: SanAndreas
  • Rogue Galaxy
  • The Mark of Kri
  • Twisted Metal: Black
  • War of the Monsters

All these games will be released tomorrow, and all come with trophy support. These titles will also be available to play during tomorrow’s PlayStation Experience event, in addition PaRappa the Rapper 2 and The King of Fighters 2000.

Earlier this November, Sony announced that they were working on bringing PS2 emulation to the PS4. Three PS2 games have already been ported to the PS4 — Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, Star Wars: Jedi Star Fighter, and Star Wars: Racer Revenge. These titles are available to anyone who has bought either the Star Wars Battlefront or the Disney Infinity 3.0 PS4 bundle, and will be available on the PlayStation store for a later date.

What other PS2 games would you like to see on PS4? Let us know in the comments!

Assassin’s Creed Unity demo shows co-op Heist in action

Assassin’s Creed Unity demo shows co-op Heist in action

Teamwork is important in heist missions, one of the new co-op missions that players are given in Ubisoft’s upcoming Assassin’s Creed Unity. These missions rely on taking out enemies stealthily and coordinating with up to three of your fellow assassin’s as you infiltrate various areas to steal back the treasures that the Templars want.

Each time you play, the heist may be different, with the chest locations, the number of guards and their patrols being randomized each time. Once you have the loot, make sure to get out as undetected as possible, as the prize of your loot will go down the more the enemies sees you. Prizes for heists include skill points, cash, and special rewards.

Alias purchased

Alias purchased

Alias, maker of high-end 3D tool Maya, has been acquired by a pair of investment firms.

The Ontario Teacher’s Pension Plan (Teachers’) and technology-focused private equity firm Accel-KKR have financed the purchase of the company by Alias’ existing management from former owner Silicon Graphics (SGI).

Alias president Doug Walker said: “We are very excited to be moving into our next phase of growth with the backing of two such prestigious organizations. Both Accel-KKR and Teachers’ have embraced Alias’ vision and mission and we anticipate their backing will help us continue to deliver innovative solutions enabling our customers to create, visualize and communicate the world’s most compelling digital visual experiences.

“Our goal will be to capitalize on the enormous market potential in the 3D software market for both professionals and consumers,” he added.

Managing director of Accel-KKR Tom Barnd said: “We are pleased to complete this investment and begin working with Alias to execute its business plan as an independent company. We have spoken to a wide range of customers and have consistently heard how much they value Alias’ innovative software and services.”

Teachers’ senior vice president Jim Leech said: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to invest in Alias, the global leader in 3D graphics software. It is a world-class company with an impressive management team and great potential for growth.”

“There will be no changes to the management team, organization, services, support or product availability as a result of the sale of the business,” the three parties agreed.

Acrobat Reader hits 6.0

Acrobat Reader hits 6.0

Adobe has released Adobe Reader for Mac OS X 6.0, supporting its release of Acrobat 6.0, which is shipping now.

Adobe Reader X 6.0 is free. It lets users view and print PDF files, and allows them to fill in PDF-based forms online.

New features to the software – which was released this morning – include the capacity to play QuickTime, Flash and Real Media content that is embedded in an Adobe PDF file. The Windows version of the product adds similar support for Windows Media files.

The product also preserves document layers in Adobe PDF files. The 21MB download will be made available through Adobe’s Web site.

Baldur’s Gate expansion flooded with negative reviews due to presence of transgender character

Baldur’s Gate expansion flooded with negative reviews due to presence of transgender character

Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear, an expansion for Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition developed by Beamdog, marks the first new entry in the beloved RPG series in over a decade. So what better way to celebrate than by a pack of gamers revealing their deep-seated fear of otherness?

Siege of Dragonspear debuted on assorted PC digital platforms on March 31. The expansion adds 25 hours of new content ranging from 70 new areas and four new companions, to the option to import your characters from the base game as well as a new class, the shaman, who can summon monsters to his aid. Another addition, and a major point of contention for some players, is the presence of Mizhena, an NPC who reveals that she was born and raised as a boy but later gave herself a new name after realizing she was meant to be a woman.

The revelation occurs during dialogue with Mizhena, who provides players with her background if asked. And that’s the key phrase: if asked. “I would like to start out by saying I don’t hate gays or transsexuals in any way,” wrote one user. “What I do care about is when this is shoved down my throat and I am forced to mingle with it instead of letting me discover it for myself.”

Another user chimed in by asking Beamdog to “please keep your ideology out of a classic game. Don’t force us to buy into controversial topics. We are trying to ESCAPE that crap.”

Mizhena doesn’t flaunt her orientation, and to be fair, Siege of Dragonspear is a brand new expansion, not a port or remaster of a “classic” game with altered content. A few clicks of the dialogue tree that shows the player’s willingness to learn more about the origin of her name, and Mizhena will tell you how she created it from a hodgepodge of syllables gathered from various languages to show “the truest reflection of who I am.”

Amber Scott, writer and creator on Dragonspear, responded to critics on Beamdog’s forums, stating that it is her purview to decide who and what to write about. “I don’t like writing about straight/white/cis people all the time. It’s not reflective of the real world, it sets up s/w/c as the ‘normal’ baseline from which ‘other’ characters must be added, and it’s boring. I consciously add as much diversity as I can to my writing and I don’t care if people think that’s ‘forced’ or fake. I find choosing to write from a straight default just as artificial. I’m happy to be an SJW [social justice warrior] and I hope to write many Social Justice Games in the future that reach as many different types of people as possible. Everyone should get a chance to see themselves reflected in pop culture.”

There’s some concern from the Beamdog camp that the onslaught of negative reviews, which as of this writing have mired Siege of Dragonspear’s ratings on Steam, Metacritic, and other outlets, may hinder the success of future Baldur’s Gate games. Beamdog founder Trent Oster asked players who are enjoying the game to “please consider posting a positive review to balance out the loud minority which is currently painting a dark picture for new players.”

Source: Crave Online

Halo 5 already in development, 343 hiring for "Groundbreaking New AAA Halo Experience"

Halo 5 already in development, 343 hiring for “Groundbreaking New AAA Halo Experience”

It seems like 343 Industries has already begin development work on next installment in popular Xbox 360 exclusive Halo franchise. If details in the a new job listing (that went live just Yesterday) is anything to go by then development work on Halo 4 has already started.

Halo 4The job listing reads as “343 Industries is looking for an experienced Creative Director to lead and deliver a groundbreaking new AAA entertainment experience set in the Halo universe,”

The ads further ads, “This is an exciting and rare opportunity to impact the future of one of the industry’s most successful franchises,”

“The Creative Director will be part of the core team that defines and drives the vision while providing a source of inspiration, leadership, creative focus, and most importantly, a guiding light for the project team.”

On which platform Halo 5 will launch, will it be on next generation Xbox?. What you guys think, let us know your views in the comment section below.

Check out job listing HERE.

PS Plus Free PS4 Games For February 2016 Leaked via Banner Ad, Screenshot Inside

PS Plus Free PS4 Games For February 2016 Leaked via Banner Ad, Screenshot Inside

Sony has not yet made an official announcement of PlayStation Plus Free Games for February 2016, but someone seems to have leaked the details early. According to the details just made available in a banner ad in the PlayStation Plus section (on PlayStation 4), Helldivers and Nom Nom Galaxy is going to be February 2016 PlayStation Plus Games for PlayStation 4. You can check out the screenshot of the banner ad below.

PS Plus February 2016 PS4 Games Leaked

Tell us in the comment section below: are you guys happy with these two games as part of instant game collection for the month of February 2016?

Built for both single-player campaigns and up to four player co-op missions, Helldivers is a top-down shooter set in a satirical and dystopian future where mankind is ruled by a managed democracy. Set in a dystopian future, players fight to protect “Super Earth,” where a managed democracy has blurred the lines between military and government rule. We are losing the war, and the Helldivers are the last line of defense against three invading enemy species.  Helldivers focuses on teamwork, as squads battle formidable foes to become Heroes of the Federation.



First Image of Xbox One Dashboard Released

First Image of Xbox One Dashboard Released

Microsoft’s Major Nelson has shared a new picture on his personal Twitter account. It showcase how Xbox One dashboard looks like.

Xbox One DashboardYou can check out High-Res of the Image below. Click on the image below to ENLARGE:

Xbox One Dashboard

Check out below what exactly Major Nelson Tweeted:

Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass Contents Detailed, Coming From March Up To Early 2017

Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass Contents Detailed, Coming From March Up To Early 2017

Electronic Arts and DICE have revealed their plans for the Season pass content of Star Wars Battlefront, with additional maps and modes starting in March and coming until early 2017. The announcement comes a bit later than we thought but surely is surprising to see those contents will be arriving on digital store shelves until the beginning of next year.

Star Wars: Battlefront

Here’s the plan in synthesis:

  • 1. Star Wars Battlefront Outer Rim (March 2016) – Fight among the factories of Sullust and battle within Jabba the Hutt’s palace on Tatooine
  • 2. Star Wars Battlefront Bespin (Summer 2016) – It’s hunt or be hunted in this action-packed experience set in the Cloud City of Bespin.
  • 3. Star Wars Battlefront Death Star (Fall 2016) – That’s no moon! One of the most iconic locations in the Star Wars universe makes its debut in Star Wars Battlefront.
  • 4. Star Wars Battlefront Expansion Pack 4 – Title TBA (Early 2017) – We will have more details to share about this exciting new expansion pack in the coming months

Moreover, a free update will be available tomorrow renaming the Tatooine survival map as Raider Camp and adding all of the modes available in the game to it. Star Wars Battlefront is a multiplayer only shooter now available for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Season pass contents are going to release also as a standalone offer.