Stardew Valley Update 1.1: Brand New Features In Main Update

The Stardew Valley update 1.1 has become live and also the game now will get more features with this particular release. Game maker ConcernedApe has launched a relevant video trailer for that update suggesting all of the new changes players get by using it. The developer also shared a changelog detailing all of the additional features players can also enjoy hanging around.

The lovable figures Emily and Geebet are now able to marry one another, plus they acquire some additional music, occasions and updates. The developer has added the opportunity to select from 5 farm maps as part of character personalization feature. Stardew Valley update 1.1 brings Standard, Riverland Forest, Hill-top and Backwoods farms. All these farms is dependant on the set of skills.

Players are now able to build sheds and rooms having a scope of customized decoration. There is a mill incorporated within the update that lets players turn wheat into flour after which into sugar.

The developer has additionally added a brand new quest hanging around that lets players have a new feature known as magical construction in the Wizard Tower. ConcernedApe has additionally added new locations for that recently introduced quest. Players are now able to move their structures from Robin’s construction menu.

Aside from the additional features, the update has additionally made some balancing changes. Players can get the need for some products going lower. Products for example Blueberry, Starfruit, Cranberry and ancient fruits are actually offered at affordable prices. Some professionals including Rancher, Artisan and Blacksmith have elevated the cost of the services.

When you download the Stardew Valley update 1.1, it’ll fix a few of the issues which have been causing trouble within the game play. On its official website, the developer has shared the entire listing of bugs it’s cured with the brand new update. From renaming nature plum as fruit to removing the opportunity to tap on stump, the organization makes some significant changes towards the game.

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