Cod Modern Warfare Remastered: Trophy List and Guides

The entire trophy list for Cod: Modern Warfare Remastered has surfaced. These trophies are mainly found in the Single-player campaign. It ought to be noted the remaster will bear more trophies compared to original game.


The remastered version will surprisingly permit the players to really kill Makarov. For individuals who’re wondering, Vladimir Makarov may be the primary antagonist of Cod : Mw2 and three. Actually, killing Makarov will reward players having a trophy named, Time Paradox.

At present, Time Paradox is among the 13 new achievements hanging around. Actually, the sport allows players to undergo game differently when compared to previous games. These trophies will challenge players to locate unique methods for finishing the sport.

For example, Explosion Man trophy asks players to kill 20 opponents with explosions. However, the opponents should be not the same as one another. Quite simply, killing two Russian terrorists is only going to add one.

Meanwhile, a trophy that prohibits players from reloading can also be out there. Within this situation, players shouldn’t reload, not really once to get the stated trophy. Players will need to survive on obtaining guns through the whole level.

Cod Modern Warfare Remastered presently has 51 trophies, unlike the prior game which only contains 37 achievements. However, there aren’t any multi-player achievements hanging around.

Based on GameRant, it’s puzzling to determine the possible lack of multi-player achievements. Considering that, the primary feature from the game may be the multi-player experience. Regardless of the lack of multi-player achievements, players will certainly spend time shooting their way with the updated game.



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