We Happy Couple of Hands-On Preview

We Happy Couple of has taken an unusual journey to obtain its pre-release phase Body which has incorporated an unveiling at PAX East 2015 and intriguing demo at E3 2016. However the path the sport has had so far isn’t as strange once we Happy Few’s concept.

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The dystopian survival game will come in early access on PC and Xbox One for gamers who can’t watch for its 2017 release. We’ve got an opportunity to play through this early build from the game, so we were both confused and excited.

We Pleased with Story

Within the alternate realm of We Happy Couple of, England lost The Second World War and subsequently fell right into a condition of monetary decay. The little capital of scotland- Wellington Wells could protect against German oppressors, but in a great, unstated cost. Townsfolk now have a drug known as “Joy” to be able to forget painful recollections. Anybody who refuses to accept drug is labeled a “downer” and avoided by society.

The storyline is told partially through interaction with NPCs and partially by studying newspapers and finding clips of letters along with other products out and about.

Which means that despite its first-person perspective, We Happy Couple of isn’t meant for the normal FPS fan. The sport is supposed to be performed in a slow pace as gamers find products, manage hunger and battle to stay alive.


The first build centers around Arthur Hastings, who’s the playable character. What gamers see is jarring and disturbing. From the beginning from the game, the bitter realities and harsh tone is obvious.

As Arthur, gamers must first decide whether or not to take Pleasure, however it isn’t a decision as using the drug quickly ends the sport and results in the credits to roll.

The Mean Roads of England

There’s still a lengthy methods to go before We Happy Couple of is prepared for release, which shows in early access build. Movement is straightforward enough to manage but it may be sluggish. This could cause situations that need quick responses to become excessively challenging.

We Happy Couple of involves lots of interaction between your protagonist and NPCs. In early version, NPCs frequently become mad in the smallest provocation from Arthur. This really is understandable at occasions – like whenever you attack a civilian and therefore are assaulted by an angry mob – however it doesn’t quite work right yet. Even if NPCs respawn, they’ll be hell-bent on beating you lower.

Additionally, it unclear just what worsens the townsfolk. Simply speaking with a appeared to push their buttons, and merely attempting to rest incited riots. Using someone else’s bed appeared to result in unnecessary problems. Maybe this really is something we should’ve expected, but it’s not clearly described hanging around.

The permanent dying system – when gamers get bumped out – could be switched off before beginning a brand new game, however, many actions lead to immediate dying. Falling in to the river was one particular occurrence that immediately ended poor Arthur’s journey. We’d to begin on your own following this.


We Happy Couple of is really a survival game, and that’s the most enjoyable component of it. Gamers must find food to consume and places to settle to live. Learning from mistakes appeared to become the easiest method to learn how to find sources.

At first area, gamers will find medicine for stopping sickness, bandages for wounds and both fresh and rotten water and food. Gamers can test the results of these products within the safety of the hideout. If meals are bad, you will be aware.

Sleeping too lengthy leaves Arthur dehydrated, while eating rotten food caused him to vomit. Pills cure stomach discomfort but they are an issue. Gamers must weigh each one of these benefits and drawbacks while attempting to stay alive.

While playing the first version, it is advisable to stay near to your hideout. If you want to outlive, you are able to remain in during the night and explore surrounding areas for supplies throughout the day.

The Guvna’s Rub, Mate

We Happy Couple of continues to be incredibly raw. There are several odd bugs and also the game could be confusing continuing. Combined with game’s unforgiving, brutal game play, this is often frustrating.

Despite these flaws, the sport shows lots of promise. Making it through in Wellington Wells is difficult, but there’s lots of Pleasure to create gamers happy. Hopefully this pre-release build can help designers at Compulsion Games exercise a few of the kinks prior to the full version launches the coming year.

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