Lola Earphones Review: Ear Chocolate

Blue Microphones makes a place to edge itself in to the gaming market previously year. Thinking about gaming’s wide audience, it’s a difficult someone to crack. Their concentrate on top quality microphones hasn’t gone undetected by music artists and vocal entertainers, therefore it only is sensible that party streamers and content designers could be attracted to for example the Yeti microphone.

The microphone’s capabilities make contact with a certain slice of gamers. Within the ongoing push to draw in the interest of gamers, Blue has place the Lola earphones the main attraction. Made to get the most from music, Lola is really a product for that audiophile. Just like anybody who loves their music, many gamers enjoy quality seem. Whilst not as feature-wealthy as popular gaming headsets, Lola is really a high-finish device that provides amazing audio.

Sonic Boom

The objective of worthwhile bit of mind gear would be to deliver excellent seem. It must be wealthy, full, expansive and a variety of seem adjectives. The current trend for gaming headsets is to flaunt surround seem whether simulated or 7.1. Gamers be capable of instantly plug their device right into a controller or audio jack or receive seem wirelessly via a dongle it’s great and it is convenient. Lola doesn’t try to flaunt any type of surround seem abilities since it doesn’t have to. Like every fundamental earphones, customers plug right into a 3.5mm jack and begin listening. There aren’t any device motorists needed for establishing with no hassle.

Within a few moments, the audio profile of games, tunes along with other programs are enhanced. Because Lola is really versatile, customers may wish to give it a try on the breadth of products and games. Frequently, I’ve found that the easiest method to test the abilities of earphones in games is by using ambient noise and quieter sounds. How good will the device get what’s toughest to listen to? Certainly one of my primary outings with Lola was on Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.


Probably the most common bulletpoints for marketing on headsets is when gamers will have the ability to hear the most quiet actions and have the loudest explosions. Siege has that in spades. When gamers are protecting a goal in Siege, they have to know where enemy gamers are – at any time, a wall can explode or perhaps a bullet can pierce cover.

While using game’s default audio mix, Lola could get the important of competitors around the flooring above me and also the slow actions of these closer than you think. In a nutshell, it saved my existence numerous occasions making me conscious of my impending dying other occasions. Even cooler may be the deep bass the earphones get whenever a wall is breached, whether off within the distance or like a deafening explosion in the same room.

Shooter fans will fall deeply in love with the way the chaos from the genre is symbolized by Lola. Bass never overpowers the audio mix even at its most thunderous, showing the strength of the motorists within the cups. To mix things up, I gave All of the Us a spin using the earphones. The eerie silence of Naughty Dog’s world is offered creepy clearness. The seem of clickers around every corner is amplified to some greater degree, much like the ambient sounds produced naturally and dilapidated structures. The sweeping epic from the Witcher 3 feels much more resided in. The voice acting in lots of games assumes a brand new role.

Visiting the Beat

Customers do not have to purchase Lola just with an upgraded listening experience for their games. Just like important may be the headphones’ capability to make tunes great, thinking about its DNA relies in hearing music. In the end, the number of people play games but never pay attention to music? For each day listening, Lola extracts around it may from streaming services for example Spotify or Pandora and from your phone. The earphones allow customers to get on more detail, possibly delivering an audio lesson inside a brand-new way. For strict music-listening reasons, Lola will get probably the most mileage from hi-res formats like FLAC and WAV.


While my own library of top quality music is sadly missing, a couple of of my faves were massively more fun. Laptop loudspeakers or fundamental earbuds haven’t done F*ck Buttons’ “Tarot Sport,” certainly one of my personal favorite albums ever, any justice but Lola could evolve the layers of droning electronics to really make it better still. The vintage-sounding rock from the Strokes’ “Is This It” seemed like I had been in the recording booth personally. Again, gamers who spend considerable time hearing music will discover a new closest friend with Lola.

Game soundtracks are simply as incredible while playing. From curiosity, I muted all audio on Hotline Miami 2 and it was treated towards the best delivery of 1 of gaming’s finest soundtracks. Hop inside a vehicle in Grand Thievery Auto 5 and stay tuned for your favorite radio station. The mixture of blaring horns, screeching tires, frightened ordinary people and also the radio tosses gamers directly into the passenger seat. The caliber of Shovel Knight’s retro soundtrack helped me give Mega Man 2 and Mario an evaluation – yes, chiptunes seem every bit as good.

Comfort Cans

Lola’s design is striking both in its size and profile. The big earcups are top quality using the Blue emblem inside a convenient location. The cups are formed and tilted just like a person’s ears as the padding fits round the ears helping trap in seem. Using a multi-jointed headband, Blue permitted the heaphones to really adapt to the user’s mind instead of expand and stretch in position. This provides the dwelling from the headband a small look as opposed to a thick appearance.

The plastic and metal that produces the frame of Lola may appear flimsy because of its thin nature, but is sturdy instead of cheap. The foam materials for Lola’s padding is extremely comfortable, despite lengthy gaming or listening sessions. Customers may also be glad to understand that it is a fabric that does not get hot and keeps mostly dry from sweat.

Because Lola plugs in for an audio jack, it’s very easy to capture the unit right into a DualShock 4 or Xbox One controller. The mixture of Blue’s Yeti and also the Lola creates a perfect audio setup due to how versatile the microphone is. Customers can speak with buddies inside a party or consult with a crowd on the livestream while still hearing and delivering quality audio.


What is a drawback for a lot of may be the hefty $250 cost tag. This can be a cost many gamers came near to rich in-finish headsets like Astro and Turtle Beach. One factor that Lola lacks is really a built-in microphone that lots of gamer-specific headsets have. It’s certainly worth getting up because not every customers will curently have a mic, a not so difficult someone to talk to buddies. However the sheer audio excellence of the Lola causes it to be ideal for individuals who spend considerable time playing solo, pay attention to music, or don’t need a ton of flash with regards to a celebration chat solution.

I spent considerable time trying out the Lola/Yeti combination and delay pills work great. Really the only flaw may be the lack of ability to manage this mixture of game and party audio. On PS4, lots of this is often attributed to the possible lack of options when controlling what audio the consumer listens to.

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