Kaliber Gaming Wireless Mouse and keyboard Combo Review

As I’ve become older, gaming is becoming a lesser hobby and much more a means of existence. The need for products that provide multiple reasons is really a necessity for balancing gaming, working and doing everyday activity. If your headset may be used on my small PS4, PC and make contact with, I’m offered.

Kaliber Gaming‘s wireless mouse and keyboard combo is among individuals products competing for that attention of gamers searching for any simple means to fix their multi-purpose needs.

Easy To Use

PC gaming is really a nebulous activity that needs gamers to sit down in a desk having a big monitor along with a effective rig or on the couch while watching TV. From Wow to Counterstrike, gamers can jump backwards and forwards between genres or spend all day long in a single virtual world.

As flexible and simple to use as my laptop is, it isn’t as effective as my PC, and you will find some tasks a little screen just won’t work with. Existing inside a rather small work/living/gaming space implies that getting a TV, consoles and PC setup introduces lots of wires and compatibility issues. Transitioning from the couch to some chair makes PC gaming and typing a pain. This is when the Kaliber Gaming wireless mouse and keyboard combo is available in.


Having a simple, barely-there USB dongle, I’m able to wirelessly connect both mouse and also the keyboard and also have them working within a few moments. Frequently enough, a brand new device will inform customers that it must use a program or two to include or improve functionality. This isn’t needed in the combo – partially because of the simple the products, without doubt – and it is appreciated. Rather, software to configure a button obtainable from Kaliber’s site that adds button designs and macro instructions.

Distance shouldn’t be a problem because the hardware utilizes a 2.4 GHz connection. Kaliber states the mouse and keyboard will as much as 33 ft away, but that’s pretty not practical for many reasons. Despite the fact that, I required the laptop keyboard and also the mouse into another room a minimum of 20 ft away and also the mouse still moved and key strokes still registered. Gamers attempting to game within the same room or on the desk may have no problems whatsoever.

Gaming from the Distance

Certainly one of my personal favorite areas of getting one dongle connect two products is it doesn’t hog up valuable inputs on consoles. The small group of USB slots on consoles causes it to be challenging for gamers who connect earphones, charging products along with other peripheral devices. On the game like Final Fantasy XIV, a mouse and keyboard are nearly necessary to help make the MMO easier to use. This combo is ideal for a scenario like this or perhaps when keying in a chat group.

Being wireless, the Kaliber combo eliminates two wires stretching in the console to where you stand playing. It is also nice to simply have the ability to set the combo aside on the table or alongside yourself on the couch whenever a controller is effective enough.


Moving to laptop computer? Unplug the dongle and place it inside your PC and it’ll work within a few moments. This part of the products serves ideal for individuals who game in multiple ways and who frequently tie themselves to some PC for video editing, internet browsing and word processing. Which are more fundamental mouse and keyboard functions, the Kaliber combo works well and simple to use.

Hardcore MMO and MOBA gamers searching for his or her next bit of crucial tech should avoid this combo. The lack of devoted macro keys, complex configurations as well as glowing lights means the laptop keyboard pales compared to other costly products. But it is not the crowd the Kaliber combo is actually aimed toward.

I stayed on Overwatch, Team Fortress 2, Tomb Raider and numerous 2D platformers to try out the performance of both bits of hardware. In my gaming needs, these were great. The wireless was responsive and accurate, and that i never observed a minute in which a command didn’t register.


The opportunity to adjust Dots per inch level around the mouse by clicking the buttons underneath the scroll wheel is really a feature I’ll never have the ability to do without on the mouse. Kaliber’s wireless mouse has this selection, together with two additional buttons around the left side that may be clicked using the thumb. Oftentimes, this type of simplicity enables a tool to become versatile enough for use in multiple situations – like gaming between platforms – that it is an essential bit of gear that never gathers dust.

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