Deliver Us The Moon Preview: Dark Space

Once the Xbox One first launched, Microsoft didn’t cash good will with independent designers, but the organization makes great strides since that time. This really is apparent at E3 2016, as indie games were scattered through the Xbox booth.

One particular developer, KeokeN Interactive, introduced one of the most fascinating game titles towards the show floor this season. During our demo of Deliver Us The Moon, we investigated a derelict space station, experienced a automatic companion, and touched feet around the moon.

And There Wasn’t Any Response

It’s the future, and also the Worldwide Space Agency (WSA), a combination of Earth’s various government authorities, continues to be created combat the depletion from the planet’s sources. Sadly, bickering between your various nations got in the manner. With extinction coming, one astronaut has had it upon themself to try your final pursuit to save humanity.


Deliver Us The Moon is clearly a really cheerful game. Really, it’s very serious. Gamers will need to solve puzzles that has a lot on the line: our planet.

My Robot and Me

Our demo started by docking in the space station connected to the Moon using the pursuit to turn the station back on. Game play is extremely straightforward and straightforward to understand. The joystick can be used for movement and something-button interactions with assorted areas of the area station from the most of game play.

Throughout the first 1 / 2 of the demo, I had been alone trying to obtain an elevator trying to travel lower to the top of Moon. The climate is amazingly eerie – the bottom is totally empty, save for any couple of playful lights.

The climate stored me inside a increased condition of tension when i crept concerning the station. The demo featured one jump-scare moment, however i got the sensation this game wouldn’t depend mostly in horror.


The visuals and a focus to detail is simply enchanting. Dust contaminants lightly float in mid-air from the space station. Our Planet and Moon both shine vibrantly from home windows.

After you have towards the surface, I had been limited inside a facility coupled with to locate a robot named ASE (All-Seeing Eye). ASE has the capacity to access terminals and supply assist in different ways. The robot is definitely an apparent homage to look at towards the “Space AI” of Portal 2.

Upon attaining ASE, I utilized its capabilities to exit the ability and achieve the top of Moon. When Used to do, there is a lunar rover nearby that i can presumably hop into, though I do not know without a doubt because this is in which the demo ended.

Right to the Moon

There’s a lot more in the future with Deliver Us The Moon that people didn’t reach experience at E3. Oxygen management is anticipated to become a major component of game play and survival mechanics may also be featured. However, our demo demonstrated that KeokeN Interactive is creating something fantastic.

Deliver Us The Moon is placed to produce the 3rd quarter of 2016 on PC.

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