Cygnett UrbanWallet Slim iPhone Situation Review

With each and every new iPhone iteration, the screen appears to obtain bigger as the phone appears to obtain thinner. Area of the benefit of the most recent iPhone (the iPhone 6s during the time of this writing) may be the thinness from it. Kind after this you carry your phone around inside a bulky situation?

For individuals who’re searching to safeguard their phone but keep your iPhone 6 or 6s’ slim design, there’s the Cygnett UrbanWallet slim iPhone situation.

Slim and Convenient

The benefit of the UrbanWallet situation is apparent – this means you won’t be required to take with you a beefy phone situation also it can replace your bank account. For me personally, this led to transporting one less item within my pockets, which is a lot more comfortable and fewer cumbersome.


You can easily observe how the situation would suit the requirements of all kinds of people. The wallet case’s two-in-one design causes it to be well suited for taking to bars and nightclubs, beaches and merely a fast go to the supermarket. You won’t be required to fumble via a stuffed wallet or purse to locate your phone, ID or charge cards.

The primary goal is convenience, and also the situation accomplishes this without shielding your phone’s screen and adding an excessive amount of extra girth for your slim iPhone.

Design and Sturdiness

As the thin style of the UrbanWallet situation looks elegant and feels comfortable, however that protecting your phone comes secondary. The look is brilliant when it comes to appearance, however your phone may well be more vulnerable during drops or falls. Granted, it provides more protection than no cover whatsoever, but it doesn’t offer any protection from the screen or hold lower a glass screen protector.

That being stated, I dropped my phone ten or twenty yards from the table towards the floor a couple of occasions as the UrbanWallet situation was installed with no damage was caused to my iPhone. The situation systems round the corners from the phone to safeguard the perimeters from scratches and dings, that is where these flaws typically occur.

The situation has three slots for cards, and every is tight towards the case’s base. Based on which card slot you utilize, cards slide in regards to a third to a bit more than midway in.


When setting your charge cards in to the wallet, question the cards will remain was immediately erased. The slots wrap a good grip around your license and charge cards to secure them. Card slots don’t get loose with use, therefore the situation should last.

Because the slots are extremely tight, you will not have the ability to easily fit in any other cards. Only have three slots might not be adequate for many, however i discovered that transporting my license, bank card along with a charge card was sufficient. However, the situation feels at ease with less cards.

My phone felt nearly identical with no wallet situation of computer did by using it on, but when you place cards in, it feels a little different inside your hands. For those who have a card in each one of the three slots, them adhering out may produce a weird sensation when handling the telephone. You might feel your grip on the telephone isn’t nearly as good, however this rarely will get in the manner. At no reason did Personally i think like ditching the wallet situation due to problems with comfort.

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