Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 1 – Arena of Shadows Review

With regards to Batman, there are specific things everybody originates to anticipate: two dead parents, no guns along with a rogues’ gallery of mental disorders.

Batman: The Telltale Series holds true to Batman, but through the finish of Episode 1 – Arena of Shadows, it’s apparent this isn’t the same kind of Batman tale.

The new undertake batman includes a completely different cast of figures and more complicated quick-time occasions than previous Telltale game titles.

A Bat, a Bird along with a Badge

Batman is brooding, Alfred is doting, and Jim Gordon may be the last good man around the pressure. The fundamental Batman tenets hold true within the Telltale Series however this story includes a different edge.

Arena of Shadows teases Batman-inspired plotlines that have a different method of familiar figures. The greatest change is available in Bruce Wayne’s old childhood pal of Oz, or Oswald Cobblepot. Rather than the penguin-searching old man the smoothness is frequently pictured as, Cobblepot is definitely an attractive youthful cockney. A short encounter with Oz within the first episode doesn’t carry an excessive amount of weight yet, but shows a fascinating relationship backward and forward that needs to be investigated in later episodes.


Bruce Wayne continues to be donning the cape and cowl for a while. The majority of his opponents happen to be mob bosses as well as their various goons, except for a brand new cat thief.

A lot of the first episode puts gamers in charge of Wayne instead of Batman, which means the majority of the choices you are making modify the whole of Gotham. As Bruce, you have to figure out how best to handle the character’s crooks and allies.

This can be a more na?ve and unsure dark dark night, also it makes playing as Wayne the person and public figure a breath of outdoors.

However, combat is within Batman’s capable hands, and gamers frequently have to choose from brutal violence and showing whim.

To Interrupt a Criminal

Telltale has constantly been trying new methods to innovate the dreaded QTE, and Batman signifies another advance in connection with this.

In Batman, you will find frequently a number of buttons that must definitely be pressed to be able to succeed over these occasions. In other situations, gamers must use their joystick to focus on a particular area – usually producing a devastating punch.

Batman’s combat feels incredibly visceral and every hit has weight into it. Even though it is hard to improve quick-time occasions, it’s a minimum of some thing complex that feels fluid.


The brand new mixture of striving and taking advantage of multiple buttons to achieve a QTE has a learning curve. A couple of frustrating fights led to under desirable situations for me personally, however the mechanics rapidly grew to become natural.

A detective sequence within the first episode has gamers hooking up clues inside a pseudo point-and-click way in which requires logical reasoning. After uncovering clues, gamers must work out how they connect – it most likely has something related to a properly-funded criminal organization.

Batman may also be known as “the world’s finest detective,” which game explores that frequently forgotten component of Batman. Between your tough choices as Wayne, the act of Batman, and also the sleuth work of both, gamers obtain the full dark dark night experience.


Batman: The Telltale Series ends with many different unanswered questions – like who’s the primary villain within this game.

On the way, gamers are treated to amazing compares the town of Gotham. The normal Telltale art style fits perfectly using the comic source material. The score is really a brooding love song towards the darkness of Gotham City and it is many occupants, and also the voice cast provides solid performances.

The storyline is true to Batman whilst developing a completely different interpretation of Bruce Wayne, so we can’t wait to determine what this can lead to later on episodes.

Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 1 – Arena of Shadows was reviewed on Ps 4 utilizing a code for that game supplied by the writer.

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