Overwatch Sombra: Next Hero Clue Literally Inside Your Accomplishments Tab?

Formerly, Overwatch’s Sombra was teased inside a code which stated the next clue isn’t really on the horizon however in players’ “previous accomplishments.” Gamers on Reddit really found a brand new achievement that’s an inverted question mark which contained hints for the following clue. After deciphering, fans are in possession of what appears to become a “datamoshed” picture of an Overwatch character. Here’s what we should know to date relating to this possible Sombra tease.


Based on chrRiscs thread on Reddit, there’s a brand new achievement around the official Overwatch profile finder site. It’s a new “Inverted Question Mark” achievement which only consists of an issue mark and ellipsis in the description. However, upon study of the look inside a new tab, codes put together and the other Spanish sentence was figured out.

As located on the Overwatch community’s Sombra ARG findings spreadsheet, the sentence reads, “Vientos, nada mal. No obstante, me aburro.Intentemos algo nueva en la misma direccion.” This means “Winds (Damn), pretty good. However, I’m becoming bored. Let’s try new things within the same direction. Based on some Spanish-speaking gamers on Reddit, it’s entirely possible that Overwatch’s Sombra might be Mexican rather than Spanish because of the sentence construction in her own codes.

After, the found code-string was utilized on the Vigenere cipher which created a skull image similar to the confirmed elimination notification in Overwatch. Furthermore, datamoshing it led to a hyperlink having a corrupted image that resembles a personality of Overwatch. When the image is bound, fans may uncover the character is really Sombra within the approaching game. For this reason finding, gamers may finally receive nearer to finding who Sombra is.

To date, Overwatch Sombra is really a character hanging around that’s been pointed out in mostly easter time eggs and it was erroneously speculated is the Support Sniper character, Ana. Within the Dorado map, she’s pointed out inside a newspaper article, an electrical plant notification as well as on classified files. Sombra is speculated to become a stealth character because of an inclusion of unused soundbytes that decision to a hiding enemy. Once Sombra’s added, she would be the game’s 23rd playable character hanging around.

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