‘Grand Robbery Auto 6’ Release Date Going to Gamescom This Wednesday? Rockstar May Also Launch ‘Red Dead Redemption’

GamesCom 2016 is finally here and gossips are that either Grand Thievery Auto 6 or Red Dead Redemption might be featured in the approaching event in Perfume, Germany.

Rockstar Games, the famous developer behind both super-hit game titles, didn’t formally reveal anything, however a recent fiscal report from Rockstar’ parent writer, Take-Two Interactive, has fueled the gossips.

The report mentioned, “Rockstar Games is also working hard on some exciting future projects that’ll be revealed soon.”

The follow up to 2010’s Red Dead Redemption is first out there and reviews suggest the sport could reach PS4 and Xbox consoles by year-finish 2016. Rockstar Games is anticipated to unveil the very first look trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2, that was formerly expected at E3 2016. Gossips even claim that to construct the hype the prior game might be provided free of charge towards the Video Games with Gold September selection.


The GTA V was among the greatest game titles from Rockstar and rumors are rife the developer may finally set the discharge date for his or her newest title at Gamescom 2016. Grand Thievery Auto Mire has already been stated to stay in initial phases of development although it isn’t likely to be launched prior to 2018 and may even take a lot longer to produce by 2020.

GTA Mire Game play Gossips

It’s broadly thought that GTA 6 will launch alongside next-gen consoles, probably the Ps 5 and Xbox Two. Others expect a VR title from game designers as virtual reality is just about the newest factor in gaming. WIth Grand Thievery Auto being according to real existence metropolitan areas, it might fit perfectly with VR and provide much more realistic game play.

GTA Mire remains probably the most speculated game titles and you will find several ideas out regarding which city the following game depends on. There has been gossips throughout the next title is placed in both London, England or Tokyo, japan, Japan.

TechRadar, however, thinks the designers would stay with a town within the U . s . States as mapping London or Tokyo, japan isn’t financially viable on their behalf. Indeed, it might also pose an issue for game’s minor particulars for example driving rules, to popular brands seen in the pub. The brand new game therefore is anticipated to become with different U.S. city and Oklahoma appears to become high in game’s preference as it is considered among the most harmful cities in the united states.

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