HTC Vive New Contents Added and Approaching AAA Games

HTC Vive New Content: New Triple AAA Games Looking For Release, What We Should Know To Date

Vive had only 3 games if this got launched, including Job Simulator and Fantastic Contraption. New orders now has a Steam Code which consists of new contents such as the following:

Zombie Training Simulator, The Gallery Episode 1: Call from the Starseed and Tilt Brush

Zombie Training Simulator is definitely an arcade feel game play that appears to become a simulator for any zombie apocalypse. The Tilt Brush allows gamers to color in three dimensional or 3d space. And Also The Gallery is definitely an episodic VR adventure game which will give back for an adventure while searching for the missing sister, using the style an 80’s fantasy film.

Additionally towards the already established number of small-contents that are offered on Steam Store including: Hover Junkers, Elite Harmful: Horizons, Final Approach, The Lab, Audioshield, Job Simulator and Final Approach.


Not Far Off

Vive may also support AAA-games later on including Fallout 4, Disaster VR and much more including Serious Mike VR: The Final Hope, Star Wars: Bridge Crew, Arizona Sunshine

Technical Side

Bear in mind that those who are thinking about buying an HTC Vive will also require a large amount of juice or power using their computer systems to help make the VR experience smooth, Vive runs at 2160×1200 per eye using the refresh rate of 90Hz.

While NVIDIA features its own VR Needs using GeForce Experience, gamers may also make use of the Steam VR Performance Test to check on your in case your product is VR Ready or maybe it’s being crippled or bottlenecked with a certain hardware in your system like Graphics Card and CPU.

Gamers may use the Steam VR Performance Test to check scores along with other Steam customers that ran same the exam or identify which hardware ought to be upgraded to improve the performance with regards to VR games.

The fundamental system needs or minimum needs are NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9-290. The needs and gratifaction is dependent around the game you’re running. It might show great performance when running simulators but might run poorly with regards to graphically demanding games like Grand Thievery Auto V.

HTC Vive again, costs $800 or $1200 additionally to some couple of $ 100 price of PC to provide you with an even and optimal experience.

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