Pokemon GO Tips: Best Pokemon to make use of in Gym Battles

There are plenty of products that can be done in Pokemon GO but probably the most exciting ones is attempting to consider on the Pokemon Gym of the rival team. Pokemon Gym battles would be the nearest factor towards the old Pokemon games which is certainly exciting to manage off from the Pokemon of some other player. Among the best Pokemon GO tips that you ought to know is selecting the best Pokemon when you are performing Gym battles.

Before other things, every Pokemon GO player ought to know that not every Pokemon are produced equal. Although some might think the final evolution of each and every Pokemon are equally strong, that’s really not the situation.

The Silph Road has really collated a few of the data collected from Pokemon GO to be able to rank a few of the most powerful Pokemon hanging around. Take a look at a couple of of the greatest Pokemon that you ought to tote around when you wish to perform a Pokemon Gym fight.

  • Dragonite – The ultimate evolution of Dratini is unquestionably on Pokemon that you ought to not wreck havoc on. It’s very strong both when it comes to attack as well as on defense. His stamina is low though but surely his excellent offensive stats means the battles he partcipates in is going to be over quickly.
  • Snorlax – Don’t let its soft and bouncy exterior fool you as Snorlax is really among the most powerful Pokemon hanging around. He’s excellent attack, defense and stamina so he’s surely one Pokemon that you ought to undertake a fitness center fight anytime.
  • Lapras – While Lapras was utilized mainly like a transport Pokemon in the last Pokemon games, in Pokemon Proceed is among the most powerful Pokemon available today. WaterOrglaciers Pokemon includes a greater defense rating in comparison to the attack however it can easily perform a lot of harm to any Pokemon protecting a fitness center you’re taking on.


With either of these three quite strong Pokemon, you’ll certainly not have a problem unseating other gamers in Pokemon GO gym battles. Give it a try on your own and find out precisely how strong these Pokemon are hanging around.

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