Battleground 1: Horse Game play Video And Trench Map Leaked Before Gamescom 2016 Reveal

Battleground 1 is predicted by many people gamers, because of the game’s World War 1 setting and also the additional features it could have by using it. While fans expect all of the particulars to become revealed inGamescom 2016, it appears like individuals particulars happen to be leaked. Not just were a few of the game’s maps leaked, however a game play teaser seemed to be revealed, possibly meaning at new game play elements.

Rapid game play teaser shows lots of Horse Riding, therefore it appears like that may be a big area of the game. This really is pretty understandable because of the setting, also it should result in the gamefeel not the same as the prior game titles within the shooter series, ever since they were occur more contemporary wars with jets and jeeps.

The stated game play teaser is visible online and it is unbelievably brief, ending within 5 or 6 seconds, by having an official trailer being released on August 15. Still, it did show newer and more effective game play elements, plus a couple of story ones that may get this to among the more dark games within the series. Adding flamethrowers ought to be fun, since gamers like setting things burning.

Battleground 1 can also get a lot of in the past accurate maps, most of which were revealed within the game’s official website. However, there’s a couple of which have been blurred out, therefore it appears such as this was intended to be an unexpected, though fans have previously discovered what it really was and EA has blurred it. Fans on Reddit happen to be fairly excited for that Trenches of Ypres, the blurred out map around the game’s website, also it appears such as this shooter will make lots of people happy.


Fans were already psyched concerning the game, because of its excellent trailer, with lots of choosing its real-existence setting compared to sci-fi route that Cod has had. Thinking about how both games will always be rivaling one another, it will likely be interesting to determine the way they both do once they emerge.

Battleground 1 is slated to have an October 21 release on PS4, Xbox One and Home windows PC.

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