Zone from the Enders HD Collection ranked by ESRB

Zone from the Enders HD Collection ranked by ESRB

ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) has revealed its rating summary for approaching multiplatform game Zone from the Enders HD Collection. This exclusive edition of Zone from the Enders received M for Mature rating because of content relevant to bloodstream, gore, intense violence and partial nudity.


Zone of Enders HD CollectionZone from the Enders HD Collection features remastered ports of Zone from the Enders and Zone from the Enders: The second Runner additionally to some playable demo from the approaching Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

It’s schedule to produce on October 30 for PS3 and Xbox 360 Console. Browse the complete ESRB rating summary below.

“This can be a assortment of action games by which gamers use mechanized robots and cyborgs to fight various opponents. Gamers use missiles and laser blasters to defeat robot opponents during high-speed aerial combat gamers may also use large swords or any other bladed weapons to take part in melee-style battles. During one game, bloodstream splashes occur frequently human-like opponents are wiped out, and slow-motion effects highlight various finishing moves (e.g., dismembering competitors or reaching to their physiques to get rid of something resembling a spine). One sequence represents a seriously hurt man (he coughs up bloodstream after you have shot multiple occasions) among suspended bloodstream tiny droplets. Another cutscene represents a partly nude lady, though camera angles obscure any noticeable particulars (i.e., nipples or genitalia)”


  1. I wanna star this more times.

  2. I find it hard to use the b button for sprinting with my steam controller , however since the left back pad is mapped to b you can sprint and doge effectively with it , the default lock on is not great thought , I changed it to the old right pad click

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