Scalebound First Prototype Had Dinosaurs Rather Than Dragons, Microsoft &quotVery Interested&quot About This

Scalebound First Prototype Had Dinosaurs Rather Than Dragons, Microsoft “Very Interested” About This

Appears like Scalebound has been around Hideki Kamiya’s mind for even more than a few years. Because he mentioned within an interview with Metro, it had been among the first prototype available at Platinum Games, together with Bayonetta along with a couple of others he did not name.



A fascinating detail about Scalebound is the fact that, initially, it had not been designed to include dragons but dinosaurs. The fundamental idea was to produce a huge fantasy world in which the player could meet gigantic animals and make a move not only watch them fight.

“Once I left Capcom so we established Platinum Games, the kernel from the Scalebound idea was really among the first concept pitches. Another one was Bayonetta, so we were built with a couple of others. For some reason we opted for Bayonetta first, but at that time it wasn’t even dragons it had been dinosaurs. However the common theme here’s which i desired to understand farmville in the manner these two large-scale animals were going at one another, and just how are we able to get this to work where you stand not only the observer of what is happening but helping too.

However that really was it. There is an idea but there wasn’t much more too it, it needed more work. Bayonetta happened, so we labored onto it, after which the time had come to create it back from the closet again. So in those days we really handled to drag together a prototype, so when we made the decision to create a prototype I switched over the topic from dinosaurs to dragons.

Dragons along with a fantasy world setting were something which I have always aspired to make because the game, anyway. Therefore we made the prototype, but regrettably it did not really allow it to be to the stage where we’d a posting partner that people could proceed with further and extremely result in the game. So again, it went into the closet.”

Then, the sport was initially introduced at E3 2014 as Xbox One exclusive, as that just posting partner which supported the work became Microsoft.

Scalebound lately came back with a few first game play moments at Gamescom 2015, showcasing what it really can perform when it comes to open world game play and… dragons, obviously. It will likely be launched in 2016 and, right now, there is no discussion in regards to a Home windows 10 PC version.

Source: Metro

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  1. I watched it at work, without sound and the game looks fine to me.

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