DICE: Battleground 3 incoming patch release date tomorrow (Up-to-date)

DICE: Battleground 3 incoming patch release date tomorrow (Up-to-date)

Earlier this year DICE revealed changelog for major Battleground 3 patch. However in those days nothing was introduced associated with release date, the only real factor which was confirmed the patch will launch before Close Quarters DLC.


Now Daniel Matros just revealed on his personal Twitter account he might introduced the discharge date with this approaching major Battleground 3 patch tomorrow.

On Twitter, Daniel stated, “Hopefully I′ll have the ability to drop the patch date tomorrow.”

You should check out complete changelog with this approaching Battleground 3 Patch HERE.


An anonymous source near to Battlefieldo has leaked the discharge date of the approaching patch. Official announcement from DICE continues to be postponed. Browse the date HERE.

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