Homefront: The Revolution release date confirmed

Homefront: The Revolution release date confirmed

America’s next struggle against its Korean oppressors starts on 17th May!

Deep Silver has confirmed the discharge date for Homefront: The Revolution. A comment around the game’s official site mentioned that it’ll be available to buy on 17th May 2016 for Xbox One, Ps 4, Home windows PC and Linux in america. It will likely be readily available for the relaxation around the globe on 20th May.

Particulars of Revolution’s beta access in Feb were also launched alongside these details, inviting you and as much as three buddies to “attempt different online co-op missions to obtain your first taste of fighting The Revolution”. If you think you need to be engaged, the registration form for that beta are available here.

Homefront: The Revolution happens 2 yrs following the occasions from the first game. It’s an open world, first-person shooter in which you lead a desperate resistant against America’s Korean oppressors within the ‘Yellow Zone’ of the densely populated Philadelphia. The gamer must aid the liberty martial artists by finding and acquiring safe houses, organize attacks around the KPR military, disrupt their security, and assassinate high priority targets.

You are able to catch the most recent trailer here:


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  2. As an outsider-looking-in, I hope this comes to pass. There seems to be a revolution either getting under way or moving right along to encourage artists of all walks of life to get thei1 with regards to compe1ation and recognition for their work. As artists of the interactive medium, video game develope1 are no different.nAlso, I find the idea of “kamikaze studios” to be at once frightening and awesome.

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