Macworld exclusive: Corel’s Mac plans

Macworld exclusive: Corel’s Mac plans

Corel’s v . p . of development and marketing, creative items, Ian LeGrow (pictured) shared Corel’s plans for growth and development of its Mac range of products within an exclusive interview with Macworld. “For pro design, it’s Mac,” he stated, “We’re just entering our Mac schedule now.”

LeGrow’s background is 100 percent Mac. He became a member of Corel included in the team of developers for that first form of CorelDraw for that Mac, which never shipped. He runs the introduction of CorelDraw, Photo-Paint, CorelRave, Kai’s Tools (KPT), Bryce, Painter, and KnockOut.

He stated: “The storyline starts in August 1999 with Corel’s purchase of KnockOut. We’d made the decision to create a strong push in to the Mac space, therefore we made a decision to get some good better of breed items.

“December this past year we’ve got a phone call from MetaCreations, and labored together to arrange the purchase of Painter, Bryce, and KPT. So we now have a type of items broadly identified by Mac pc creatives.”

Microsoft towards the save

Doubt have been cast on the way forward for Corel’s creative range of products, as experts considered the business’s desperate personal finances within the this past year. Now, having a $135,000,000 cash injection from Microsoft, the business’s future seems safer.

LeGrow stated: “Everybody is extremely positive at Corel now. The cash has already established a really positive effect, but we felt i was turning a large part before this news, as CorelDraw 10 was approaching completion – which too were built with a galvanizing effect.

“We’re very dedicated to our Mac items. We have already launched a Bryce 4.1 update, and will also be delivering a designer 6.1 Public Beta in November, using the final update available through the finish of the seasonInch.

Mac OS X in March

The organization is involved in prepping its programs for Mac OS X. LeGrow stated: “We’re focusing on CorelDraw 10 for Mac OS X. Finances Bryce focusing on the brand new OS.

“We’ve had very couple of problems Carbonizing programs for Mac OS X. As 80 percent from it is platform-independent, only 20 percent is platform dependent. Apple’s developer support continues to be excellent.” Also, he noticed that developer support for planning programs for Mac OS X was the primary task for Apple at the moment.

Meaning possibly in a likely release date for that hotly anticipated Mac OS, LeGrow stated: “We’re striving to produce Bryce for Mac OS X in March.”

KPT filters

LeGrow also talked about operate in progress around the essential KPT range. “We’re focusing on several filters, which is provided for compensated download on the internet. We’re creating a start up business model built on the internet distribution.” These new filters are guaranteed as packaged items later this season, LeGrow stated.

He added: “One new filter is dependant on the Navier-Stokes Fluid Dynamic differential equation. This models the flow of fluids, and filters in line with the equation which takes a picture and reproduce the result of their being reflected in rippling, disturbed water. We’ve several filters approaching completion according to this equation.”

MetaCreations apps on horizon

Of MetaCreations next-gen of apps, LeGrow stated: “We’ve already commenced focusing on Painter 7., and also the method is scheduled to ship within the late spring, early summer time 2001. Bryce 5. is going to be launched simultaneously. It is a spring/summer time push for the Mac creative items.”

CorelDraw 10 for that Mac can also be under development. Corel is striving to produce the Mac form of this in March or April the coming year, LeGrow stated. Underlining the significance by which Corel supports the platform, LeGrow guaranteed: “Following the discharge of CorelDraw 10, all of our Pc and a mac releases is going to be launched concurrently on platforms.”

LeGrow also gave the greatest hint yet that Corel is putting the Microsoft millions to operate, but able to escape the particulars. “We all do have something really exciting around the imaging side that’ll be launched in spring.”

Rave on

Finally, LeGrow talked about CorelRave, a part of Corel’s CorelDraw 10 suite. “Rave can perform excellent lighting, without layer distortion. You are able to tween text in Rave, however it still functions like text. You can’t do that in Flash. It will this very, very rapidly, so we have labored hard to make sure that we are able to shrink the quality really small for the net.Inch

Rave continues to be created for creating images for that Web, similar in application to Macromedia’s Flash or Adobe’s GoLive. “What we should see is people using our product to produce images, adding behaviours in Flash. We believe it provides a far greater group of drawing tools than Flash – that’s virtually what we should focused the merchandise to complete. It will about 50 percent of the items Flash does, but does that fifty percent better.” On GoLive, LeGrow stated: “Adobe didn’t keep its attention centered on keeping file dimensions lower.”


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