“Does Apple come with an innovation problem?” The Macalope Daily

“Does Apple come with an innovation problem?” The Macalope Daily

The traditional knowledge about Apple is coalescing, and also the Washington Publish can there be: “Does Apple come with an innovation problem?”

Ah, yes. [Steeples hooves, wears glasses, furrows brow, puffs attentively on bubble pipe …]

Does. Apple. Have. An. Innovation. Problem.

Well, see, this really is fine, obviously, because all of the Washington Post’s Craig Timberg does is asking if Apple comes with an innovation problem. Could it be irresponsible to inquire about? No. It’s irresponsible to not. Like asking “Do all authors in the Washington Publish commit immoral functions with fish?”


We owe it to the visitors to inquire about the challenging questions. Our visitors, and ourselves.

Nearly 3 years have passed since Apple last revolutionized the field of electronic devices, using the discharge of the iPad.

And whoever else accomplished for us recently, Apple? Forget the truth that others continue to be battling to trap to the iPad. Whoever else done?

Such anticipations perhaps could be unfair for many companies, but Apple built its loyal following on the opportunity to not just transfer to marketplaces but additionally create them.

True. But a couple of things about this: First, even Apple needs time for you to innovate. Second: Apple is undervalued, even if judged by normal company standards.

Hold on. All isn’t dumb using the world. Is it feasible we are visiting a backlash from the stupid? Have things arrived at peak bozo, a place that the usual bozos think is simply too much bozo?

Well, most likely not, but a minimum of a couple of have stated “enough.” The Weekly World News of Wall Street, Forbes, has printed a tongue-in-oral cavity piece concerning the absurd anticipations Apple’s being held to. Obviously, that will not prevent turning around and posting some conventional “Apple fail” knowledge tomorrow.

Rocco Pendola also notes the absurdity of methods “Out of the blue, Apple ‘Sucks.'”

But, this can be a deal: Apart from flimsy cases for that lady from the nights mobile os’s–Google’s (GOOG) Android–false optimism over Research in Motion’s (RIMM) Blackberry 10 and way underneath the radar hype for strong-selling Samsung phones, the haters ain’t got absolutely nothing to legitimately replace Apple with.

Pendola recommends traders not test to battle the negative tidal wave, that the Macalope supposes is most likely the best factor to complete. Obviously, should there be no reason in trading in Apple due to market stupidity, exactly what does that say concerning the market overall?

Nothing you do not know, most likely.


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  1. Here’s a game I know I won’t be buying, regardless of what platforms it comes out on.

  2. Its impossible to make all of the people happy all of the time. nThe question is if the company is delivering on its promises.nIts promise was a great game, but its difficult to judge that based on early release test modules.nI mean, you’d expect those to be broken and late and missing big pieces because its all under co1truction. If someones unhappy to be included in the design process then maybe this wasn’t the sort of thing they’d ever be happy with.

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