Defense Grid 2 is originating! Defense Grid 2

Defense Grid 2 is originating! Defense Grid 2

More tower defense you’ll be able to throw an alien corpse at.

Would you enjoy some tower defense? Perhaps a little alien wrecking violence? I understand I actually do and thus does Hidden Path Entertainment.

Hidden Path Entertainment is really a relatively small enterprise which was searching for additional funding via Kickstarter, but unsuccessful to achieve their goal. Then, all of a sudden, a mysterious man invested the allocated money needed to help make the project possible. This man switched the be none other then Steven Denger of Dracogen.

Who’s Steven Denger?

He’s the founding father of Dracogen, that is a company that funds things they believe are awesome. How rad is the fact that? They’ve funded a variety of games, occasions and projects that individuals just appear to become battling to cover. They appear wise in terms they are doing their funding too. Knowing because when Jim and Shaun talk about the procedure on their own Kickstarter video, it appears Mr. Denger is watching carefully to make certain goals are met and promises are stored. There is nothing scarier for an investor a shaky partnership.

Apart from Good Guy Denger, what must have you psyched about Defense Grid 2?

Besides the apparent from it as being a defense game, it is true towards the original in addition to supplying new co-op modes and competitive modes there’s a residential area that Hidden Path Entertainment really learns. Using the funding from the original game’s DLC, they took in as to the the gamers wanted and attempted to reply. This demonstrated vital in winning over a number of Steven Dender’s approval. Contrary, which means that should you be keen on the very first game, you will likely love what’s arriving the 2nd game.

Subscribe to their forum and inform them what you would like to determine in Defense Grid 2 they’re encouraging it online.

Defense Grid 2 is scheduled to be released a while at the begining of 2014.

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  1. DWO is sorta dead, its a great game overall but if only more people were playing… :*(

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