New CoD: Black Ops III Leaked Image Shows Zombies Prestige Ranks and Symbols, 35 Rank Symbols Proven


New CoD: Black Ops III Leaked Image Shows Zombies Prestige Ranks and Symbols, 35 Rank Symbols Proven

Cod: Black Ops III Zombies mode leak continues. Today we received the brand new picture of Black Ops III showcasing Zombies Prestige and Rank symbols. Based on a study from “”, you will see 35 rank symbols, and with regards to the style of these zombies ranks they appear to alter every nine ranks.

Call of Duty Black Ops III Zombies

You should check out the screenshot below. This new leak also originates from online hackers digging deep in to the files of Cod: Black Ops III beta on PC and datamining the items.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

The prior zombies particulars leaked (should you skipped it, take a look here) recommended that Zombies Mode in Cod: Black Ops III will probably be more full-fledged as in comparison towards the previous installment.

To date, this is exactly what Treyarch has confirmed about Cod: Black Ops III Zombies mode:

Black Ops III may have two Zombies story lines: First story is entitled as “Shadow of Evil” and it’ll entirely concentrate on a brand new number of figures, “Nero (Shaun Goldblum), Jessica (Louise Graham), Jack Vincent (Neal McDonough) and Floyd Campbell (Ron Perlman)”, and happens in ficitional city known as “Morg”.

The called Treyarch accustomed to describe these new figures was: “troubled people” with “a lengthy and sordid good reputation for past misdeeds”. These four figures are tossed right into a twisted form of Morg City, that is overrun by zombies and therefore are led with a mysterious, hard to rely on figure known as the cisco kid Man (Robert Picardo).

Treyarch has confirmed these four figures story will tie will tie in to the primary Zombies story previously games, particularly “Mob from the Dead” from Cod: Black Ops II.

The 2nd zombie story in Cod: Black Ops III is entitled as “The EnormousInch, it’ll concentrate on the alternate versions from the original figures: Tank Dempsey (Steven Blum), Nikolai Belinski (Fred Tatasciore), Takeo Masaki (Tom Kane) and Edward Richtofen (Nolan North), who have been introduced within the Black Ops II map “Roots”. Their story continues where “Roots” ended, because they make an effort to rewrite the initial timeline’s history.




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    please ….. thanx

  2. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because it is one of the best games I love the complexity, collecting, crafting.
    The most fun makes the AA system, you can stop at level 10 with levels and switch to AA points.
    I play Everquest since 2009!
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  3. For a second I thought this was based off of Steven Moffat’s Sherlock. What a game that would be if done right!


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