So, How Many Video Games Can I Get For This Baby?

So, How Many Video Games Can I Get For This Baby?

Chinese couple A Hui along with a Mei happen to be arrested after selling each of their kids to human traffickers to give their “freemium” game addiction.

Chinese couple A Hui along with a Mei glued over their passion for online “freemium” games and would spend through the night in internet cafes. Eventually they welcomed their first child, an infant boy. But getting a young child did not stop them from playing their games and buying in-game upgrades and shortly after his birth they recognized they could not manage to take proper care of the kid and then play their games, so that they did the only real sensible factor they could consider– they offered the youngster.

No, I didn’t mean installed their baby up for adoption. I am talking about they offered him to human traffickers for around 20,000 Chinese yuan, or about $3,225. For added gems and weapons…

Aw man, I possibly could buy like 650 of those with my baby!

Right after they grew to become pregnant again and faced exactly the same dilemma– will we support our child, or our gaming? So following the child, another choosing, was created they offered him again to traffickers.

A Hui’s father recognized that which was happening–probably when his grandchildren began disappearing–and alerted the government bodies. The pair is presently in jail waiting for trial.

From in jail A Mei told reporters that her boyfried A Hui “likes purchasing products in games, and that he likes remaining out through the night at internet cafes”

As upsetting because this is–so upsetting that there’s a petition online to denounce the 2 for his or her functions– this isn’t the very first time something similar to it has happened. This Year, Chinese couple Li Lin and Li Juan offered the 3 of the children to human traffickers. In ’09 the 2 were built with a daughter, their second child, and made the decision to sell her, receiving about $500 on her. They later offered each of their sons for around $4600. Once they were arrested after their mother notified the government bodies, they stated they did not realize it had become illegal to market their kids and they “don’t wish to bring them up, (they) would like to sell them for many money.”

This incident having a Hui along with a Mei uses the 14-year ban on gaming consoles was finally lifted at the outset of the entire year, but possibly there should be a larger restriction on which happens at internet cafes altogether.

And possibly many people just must become more careful so they do not have children altogether.



  1. I can&1quo;t wait for Aura kingdoms! What really excites me is the face that it is anime themed and the character skill system.

  2. I want to play Armored Warfare because…I don&1quo;t like WW2 Tanks, there are already 2 games on WW2 and i want to play modern Tanks!!!

  3. Even wizardry online looks better then this, and i hate wizardry online.
    and either your PC is bad or the game has huge lag

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