Apple Application Store- over 10 billion downloads

Apple Application Store- over 10 billion downloads

The Apple Application Store hit the ten billion application download mark overnight on Friday, marking a milestone concerning a great deal of Doodle Jump, Tap Tap Revenge and Angry Wild birds playing, as well as Facebook and Pandora usage.

Apple is rewarding the downloader from the 10 billionth free or compensated Application Store application having a $10,000 iTunes gift certificate in a little bit of showmanship that Willy Wonka would are proud of. By 7AM EST, however, Apple hadn’t openly recognized the champion, only stating that you’d need to return later to discover who won.

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Apple put an iOS application countdown ticker on its Website a week ago to construct buzz round the milestone and produced about 250 million application downloads since. Additionally, it revealed a summary of all-time most downloaded free and compensated iPhone and iPad apps.

The Apple Application Store hit the fir billion mark in April of 2009, after opening in This summer of 2008.

Apple celebrated the ten billionth song downloaded just a little under last year: Johnny Cash’s “Guess Unexpected Things Happen This Way.

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Apple’s year has become off and away to an attractive start, with Chief executive officer Jobs going for a medical leave, the organization posting stellar financial recent results for Q1, Apple turning up one of the top 50 patent readers within the U . s . States, with buzz building for that apple iphone 5 smartphone and apple ipad 2 tablet pc.

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