Did You Choose Dark Souls II or Titanfall? Titanfall Dark Souls II

Did You Choose Dark Souls II or Titanfall? Titanfall Dark Souls II

Using the epic launch of both Dark Souls II and Titanfall, which have you choose?

The United States had quite the sport launch at night time for March eleventh hrs of eager anticipation for 2 absolutely epic games, Dark Souls II and Titanfall.

Dark Souls II, by From Software and Namco Bandai Games, may be the long awaited follow up of Dark Souls, that is famous along with a favorite among its fans because of its high brutality and extreme difficulty. The storyline involves a cursed undead character looking for a cure. Dark Souls II is definitely an action role-playing game occur a wide open world atmosphere, produced for Xbox 360 Console, PS3 and PC.

Titanfall, by Respawn Entertainment and Ea for Xbox One, PC and Xbox 360 Console (releases later this month), is really a next-gen FPS where gamers fight in online multi-player-only matches focused on a war-torn planet as mech-style Leaders as well as their aircraft pilots. The sport is packed with weapons, maps, as well as monsters. Getting been lucky enough to get take part in the beta, I will tell you the way amazing the graphics and game play are. You cannot help but feel unbeatable within your Titan.

I’d the truly amazing privilege of having my copy of Titanfall at night time around the New England and that i can’t express how awesome farmville is! I really like it enough to possess gone ahead and thank Vince Zampella on Twitter for this kind of epic game and told him to relaxation up since he’s gained time for you to relax. It was the reply which i received:

Xbox had their very own fun answer the person themself.

Now don’t misunderstand me, I would like Dark Souls II as much, consider I would like it in my PC, I sadly need to watch for that launch on April 25th.

So, which epic game did you choose–or have you opt for both?


  1. I need MXM Alpha Access because I need to beat people with Rytlock&1quo;s flaming sword

  2. I want to be Anubis because he&1quo;s FIRIN&1quo; HIS LAZZZZEEERSSSS!!!

  3. I dunno if thats a Thing of old-gen co1oles but in xbox360 i had to do it about 10 times. I know that because I die the Mission 4 Times on S so I Could get the S+ Soldie1. After that I did the 7 Times for quiet (i forgot that I did 4 Times before and did all Seven anyway)nAny idea why it Took That Long for me?

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